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SUEDIA are nevoie de medici!
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23 October 2017

Boo - Halloween is soon

Hello friends!

I was a bit proud thinking it's not long since my last post, but i was in the wrong :)). Well, i don't have much to tell you, just to show these 2 pages i made for Halloween and 1 coloring page for adults. Yes, i fell into this while coloring the pumpkins for the Halloween page. No one can say now that imagination doesn't work in mysterious ways, right :D?!
Truth be told, i had this in mind for some time now, the coloring books for adults that is. But it seems i was meant to at least try it. Otherwise i can't explain how i got into the mood to color just from coloring pumpkins :P.
I do hope you like this Halloween page. And until my next post, i wish you all a lovely Halloween ;)!

Sorry for the inverted image 

Do you like my 1st coloring page :)? 
I can tell you, it's so relaxing, its totally worth it spending some 30 minutes coloring some, whenever you feel like it.

And this is the 1st Halloween journal page i tried making, but i was not so happy with how it turned out, honestly.

See you later!

09 October 2017

High Hemispheres - the perfect circle

Hello everyone!

October is here, would you even believe it? I can't believe how quickly this year flew by. But it does not matter, right? All that it matters is that we "live in a world that has Octobers" as some famous author used to say. And i have to say i agree. Of course, not 100%. I mean not when October is all dull, grey and rainy. No! But when it's sunny and crisp and you can smell the wet leaves fallen on the ground. Then i can. Do you like October?

Getting back to what's "on the wall", here is my latest creation made especially for our exhibition last month. I had the nice surprise to find out that it was among the favourites for many of the visitors. Maybe because it expresses the idea of a couple, which seems to be at the heart of many nowadays. And without going into any details, i think we all know why.
Anyway, that is what i also had in mind when i created it: the idea of the couple, perfect harmony, yin and yang got it ;). And i guess now that i helped you a little bit, you will guess right away which is the yin and which is the yang :).

"Yin and Yang"

Some detail

...and this is what all started from, a child's play

I hope you feel at peace when you look at this one, this was my idea anyway...and this is why now it's hanging in our bedroom :).
I wish you all a lovely week and autumn!

30 September 2017

"Swedish Dads" si egalitatea de gen in Romania/Craiova

"Swedish Dads" este denumirea expozitiei ce a intrunit 20 de fotografii cu tatici suedezi ce au ales sa isi ia concediu paternal  (si implicit parental :)) pentru a fi realmente alaturi de copiii lor inca din primele luni de viata.

Asa cum stim, creșterea copilului a fost în mod tradițional responsabilitatea femeilor. Suedia este însa una din primele tari in care un număr tot mai mare de tați au inceput sa vada avantajele concediului paternal. Ni s-a prezentat modul în care tații suedezi percep rolul bărbatului modern, în contrast cu rolul stereotipului tradițional.
Asa cum se intampla in astfel de situatii, ideea de baza a fost chiar a fotografului care, fiind el insusi tatic, a realizat că exista o lipsa de modele masculine care sa reprezinte un model de parinte. Ceea ce dauneaza, atat copiilor, in primul rand, cat si cuplului. Iar ulterior, societatii in sine. Acest lucru l-a determinat să creeze un album foto numit Swedish Dads, care prezintă barbați aflați în concediu paternal, alături de copiii lor.

Cateva cuvinte despre abordarea suedeza a egalitatii de gen si despre autorul expozitiei 

Dupa cum se vede, Scoala de Suedeza a fost acolo :). Multumim mult Ambasadei Suediei si domnului Mihai Leontescu, Ofiter proiecte si comunicare din cadrul Ambasadei, pentru ca ne-au permis sa ne prezentam serviciile publicului craiovean 

In cadru restrans:

Sub fiecare din cele 20 de fotografii statea povestea fiecaruia: mai intai numele, varsta si meseria taticului, numarul si numele copiilor si apoi motivele pentru care taticii au decis să rămână acasă pentru a avea grijă de copiice a însemnat acest lucru pentru ei personal, cum le-au fost afectate relațiile de cuplu și cele cu copiii lor, ce așteptări au avut în prealabil. 
Acest eveniment a fost un proiect comun desfasurat de Institutul Suedez, Ambasada Suediei din Bucureşti / Sveriges ambassad i BukarestTeatrul Naţional CraiovaEurope Direct Craiova information relay și Study in Sweden. Intrarea a fost libera.

Din fericire, in Romania stam bine din punct de vedere legal, chiar mai bine decat Suedia, in sensul ca beneficiem de mai multe zile de concediu parental decat ei. Cu toate acestea, la noi sunt foarte putini taticii care aleg sa ramana in concediu paternal pentru a fi alaturi de copiii lor. Exista insa sperante ca acest lucru se va schimba. E vorba de egalitatea de gen, care e de la sine inteles ca trebuie promovata cat mai mult, atat la nivel national cat si international. Si poate ca data viitoare expozitia va contine si fotografii cu tatici romani care au ales sa stea acasa pentru a-si creste copiii.

Pana una-alta, dragi parinti, copii, profesori, mai aveti timp pana pe 12 octombrie sa vizitati expozitia, in foaierul Teatrului National.

Sa avem cu totii o toamna plina de evenimente placute!

24 September 2017

Sunken Treasure - summer is still here ;)

For those of you who love summer and the ocean, here is one of my latest canvases, especially made for our exhibition on 2nd of September, but also my FIRST ever summer-themed creation. 
I always knew it in my heart that i would create something summery, but I was never in the mood for it until this summer. Even though i had this whole basket full of sea shells from Greece, for some years now. But you know how it is...sometimes all you need is a tight deadline ;).
I meant to do something else, to be honest, something with a couple of gekkos that i wanted to paint very vividly, but did not like where i was going with that, so i gesso-ed over and here we are with a 30x24 cm deep edge canvas:

Focus on the center piece, the sunken treasure itself:

Focus on the details:

I have one more creation to show you, from the ones i made especially for the exhibition. Until then, I hope you like this one and that this will make the summer stay just a bit longer with you:).

16 September 2017

The Rainbow - one of my latest

Good morning you all!

Im back with a post about one of my latest creations, the slowest one yet. The slowest, you might ask? Well, how else would you call it: I started it end of April and finished it end of August :D. In all this time i had very much to work, it's true, but this is no excuse when you feel inspired. Which i wasn't, obviously. I had it always in front of me hoping i will get inspired to get back to work. But there was no chance. 
So, with the exhibition around the corner, i felt a bit more motivated and so i started. And finished 2 more ;). Yeah, it's a first for me too. It seems i get motivated and inspired by tight deadlines. Who would have thought?! Not me :)).

The Rainbow - mixed media canvas 60x30 cm

This is how it looked on the night i started working on it

...and this was my source of inspiration
I know i found it on Pinterest, but i don't find it anymore, so i can link it. However, maybe the signature will help identify the author of this beautiful creation.

Will get back soon enough with the other 2 creations.
Until then, all the best to you!


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