sâmbătă, februarie 17

NETWORKING - Poem of the Week by JMS (10)


Like a fisherman
I gaze out over a stormy sea of faces
the net slips out of my hands
catching raised wine glasses
trawling through a hard floor sea
of hand shakes and “You don't say”
a networking frenzy
of people searching for nets
in a sea of faces.

marți, februarie 13

Double easel card tutorial (video)

Hello crafty peeps!

Im back! It's Tuesday so here i am with a new Youtube tutorial! It's a double easel card i made for a young couple and i left the front panels free so they can put their own photos. 

It's very simple to make, basically the same procedure as for the classic easel card, with only one exception: the cut on the middle line. But i think i better let you watch the video:

I hope you will give a go. Im sure you will like it a lot ;)!
Please leave your questions and suggestions in the comment box under the video, should you have any. And don't hesitate to show some love by hitting the SUBSCRIBE button. Thank you!!!

See you soon!

sâmbătă, februarie 10

FEBRUARY - Poem of the Week by JMS (9)


Fuck you all
you complaining sons of bitches
I work my ass off for spring
fighting of that god damn winter
while you whine
you just make me bitter!
Give me some credit
as I work for a living
spring is on me
summer too
and all I want
is a fucking

vineri, februarie 9

Love...for poetry...is all around

Remember this event where we were supposed to create cards/LOs for our loved ones? Well, this is what happens when creative spirits meet: they don't always respect rules. More to the point, they were so tired after their job, and others were having a cold, that no one was in the mood to actually craft anything. 
But don't you worry, we had Magnus, the guy who you can always trust to come up with some cool ideas ;). And so 2 of the 3 talented poetry writers of our group (this author is not included) competed and, under the pressure of time, wrote some short poetry. Here they are at work:

...and here is their work: 1st image is Xaara's and 2nd Magnus:
After that, we played some games and soon after our guests left, cause they were tired. It was a lovely relaxing evening. However, we moved our events' day to Saturday, so no one feels the pressure of a workday. 
Have a nice weekend, you all!

marți, februarie 6

Rocking card tutorial

Hello crafty peeps!
I promised i would get back with the tutorial for the rocking card i made for a boy. Here in a very feminine context :P. I got these lovely roses from my dear husband and i wanted to take a photo of them. And i thought the card would fit them pretty well, just like the hot chocolate i was drinking at the moment :).
So in the tutorial i missed to mention the size of the pannels: they are 10 x 14 cm, to create space for 2 photos of 9x13 cm, one on each side. But my card is 20 cm in diameter. So if your card will be smaller, so will be the pannels :).
I sticked the pannels between them on the upper part (where they are not in contact wit the base), and on the bottom the same, only i took the tape backing and sticked the pannel to the base, one at a time. This is important, so they don't stick together. It's a very simple and original card, i hope you will give it a go and don't forget to show some love by SUBSCRIBING to my very young channel, please :)!

See you later!

luni, februarie 5

Rocking card and more for a LOVE-ly family

Hello, crafty peeps!

Im back with a rocking card, a custom order for a boy. Actually the rocking card is just half of the order. The other half is a double-easel card for his mom and dad. They are in for a surprise from a close relative, she is the one who ordered the cards for them. Pretty nice idea, right :)?
There will be a tutorial for both cards: first one will appear tomorrow on my Youtube channel, so watch out ;). And once you watch it i hope you will decide to give it a go, because it's a very fun and simple card, as you might guess from these photos:

See you very soon, i promise ;)!

sâmbătă, februarie 3

SOCIAL - Poem of the Week by JMS (8)


We are a herd
socialized into platforms
where we conform
to the social norms
without taking notice
just collecting
clicks and acquaintances
we call them friends
they call us assets
as the platforms
gather intelligence
know it all
and then they sell some more.

vineri, februarie 2

I AM...the 1st card of 2018

Hello everyone!

Im back again, with the 1st card of 2018. I don't often create cards, they never been my specialty, i love creating minialbums instead. And LOs, even though i have not created many of those either lately. 
Anyways, this is a birthday card for a friend of mine and it's made using the paper from I AM collection from Simple Stories, the most beautiful paper collection i've seen lately. It's so feminine and so versatile, so happy and optimistic. So much so that right now im at the 3rd project with this paper collection - love it too much, that's all im saying :). 

The 1st project with this collection is the easel-album, for which there is a tutorial on Youtube as well.
The card is the 2nd one and the 3rd one is the BIG envelope album that im still working on, but for which i already put up a tutorial. I will of course get back with a walk-throu video when it's done. I have one more page and the covers. But please go ahead and start your own BIG envelope album and see for yourself how easy it is to make. I have written down the measurements, both in the blogpost and in the description box on Youtube, but they are adaptable: the tags, the inserts and the flaps especially - you can adapt their sizes to make sure you save as much paper as possible, for example ;). I did not do that, but i will try next time, because im an eco-scrapper ;).
If you like what you see on my very young Youtube channel, please show some love by Subscribing! Thanks a lot!
See you soon, but until then have a lovely weekend!