Iarna in orasul meu / Winter in my town

Sal lume!
Ieri am fost la o plimbarica mai lunga prin oras si, avand in vedere peisajul superb de iarna, am simtit nevoia sa fac niste poze. Ador iernile adevarate, cu zapada si ger si soare iar asta e una dintre ele, se pare:
Ratustele noastre / Our duckies:
Lacul de peste drum (e imens) / The lake on the other side of the road (its huge):
Acelasi lac, alt peisaj / Same lake, another sight:
Sa ne auzim cu bine, dragii mei! Pe curand!


Hey bloggers!
Yesterday i took a lovely stroll throughout our town and considering the lovely winterly sight, i felt i should take some pics. Here are some more:
The lake on the other side of the road:
Same location:
Same here:
I love the real winters, with lots of snow, cold and sun. And this one seems to be like that. Hope you like my city and have a wonderful winter :)!