Let's be creative for Creative Scrappers

Hello bloggers!
How are you, hope you have a great time doing whatever you are doing ;)! Here im done with the "duties" and now its time for pleasure, that is to say for scrap ;). So i found myself 2 challenges to take part to, it's first time for both and pretty excited :-). Im done with both of them, but today i will only post the one for Creative Scrappers - sketch 138. And im sorry if you won't be able to see the face of the main character of this LO, but it's not my child, so that's the way it should be :). This is the first LO that i will offer to some friends of us, it's at their place that we took the pictures and had so much fun. I hope with all my heart they will like it. Here it is:
And the famous childrens' honesty: 
It says: "The flowers are for you, but i need back the bucket, mommy might need it in the household. Do you like the flowers?" :)).

Until next time we see each other, i will probably create more Valentine's Day cards. What about you ;)? Whatever you do, have fun!