22 February 2011

My latest creations

Hi there bloggers!
How are you all doing, all fine i hope ;). Here there's a perfect balance between what i HAVE to do and what i LOVE to do, so i really could not wish for anything more ;).
I think i forgot to tell you that this weekend i will go with the shop to a regional scrap-meeting, so there's been a lot to do: deciding what products to take there, price-tagging them, organizing them in boxes, baskets and so on ;). I love this kind of activities, even though i know it sounds boring lolll :)). Except this i have also created. Friday and saturday i had 2 inspiration-voided days, where i stood with the pictures in front of me and i could not "see" anything. You know how it is in the artists' world :P. But sunday it "hit" me, so i made 2 more pages for my friend Dana, and - would you believe - i did not use any sketch whatsoever ;).
"Together forever":

and the other one called "You are MY GIFT":
and a detail picture (hope you can notice the glittered flowers in the upper-left corner):
What i have used: patterned paper from Dovecraft, glitter glue, some pearls and rhinestones, a butterfly punch and stickers for the tiles. All can be found in Happy Scrappy :). From my stash i used masks and cutting dies from Tim Holtz. If i create anything new before the weekend i will be back ;). 
Now i let you get back to your daily thingies and wish you a beautiful day!!! 

18 February 2011

3 LOs on the same lovely sketch

Hello everyone!
I said i was getting back to you soon, didn't i ;)?! I never felt so good creating after a sketch like after this one. Lovely sketch!!! You probably noticed that i started working on Dana's wedding album. Whenever i find a lovely sketch, like this one, i quickly make a page for our wedding album also, im naughty i know :P. Actually for Dana im making 2 wedding albums - one for each pair of parents and this challenge had as a extra-request 2 different color combinations. So what better occasion than this one - i used one color combination for 1 album, and the other for the 2nd album.
Now, for the march DT challenge at Sketch Thursdays im submitting this LO.
In daylight:
Another detail (i love to see the paper texture from under the colors!!!):
Under artificial light: 
And here is the sketch:
And here come the 2 LOs for Dana and Marius. The titles were not inserted when i took the pictures, now they are in place ;). Here is the green&pink combination:
And a detail:
And here is the red&turqoise combination:
And the last detail:
Well, i hope you like them. I loved working on them, so much that i jumped over the double "portion" of Simpsons and Family Guy, my daily routine :P. And the beneficiary loved them also, which matters the most :).
Now, i wish you have a lovely weekend and blog again soon ;)!

16 February 2011

DA - Yet another Sketchy Thursday LO

Hello there!
I hope you had a wonderful time for Valentine's Day and you received what you expected and maybe even more ;).
I don't even know, is it long since i last posted? I had so intense days lately that i kind of lost track of time :))). Anyway, i know it's a working day and that is the last day when i can post my take on the actual challenge from Sketch Thursday. Ah, i know now - it's wednesday :)))).
So, these are 2 pages for my friend - and the bridemaid at our wedding - Dana, who got married last autumn and wanted a scrapbook wedding album - one for each pair of parents ;). And here is the first page in those 2 albums. This is from the civil marriage ceremony. The titles of the LO are in romanian and translated they mean "YES" and "WE ARE A FAMILY".
Here is the one i will link to the challenge, once again DA means YES:
And a detail:
And here is the other one, where "Suntem o familie" means "We are a family":
And a detail:
I already showed them to the beneficiary and she liked them a lot, so im over the moon lol :P. Now i get back to the daily routine stuff and get back to you pretty soon, i can feel it, so watch out ;).
Have a lovely time!

14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hello bloggers and Happy Valentine's Day :-)!!!
I just wanted to show you the layout i created especially for this occasion,  another page in our wedding album:
Detail of the left side:
Detail of the right side:
Detail of the cage:
And in case you wonder why the bird is OUTSIDE the cage (and not inside), this is because i never liked the idea of caged birds or, for that matter, anything that is deprived of freedom. And moreover, love should have nothing to do with "caged" things, should it ;)?! Hope you like the layout i made and maybe it even offer some inspiration :).
Have a wonderful, magic day, filled with love and tenderness and everything you hoped for on this special day :)!

11 February 2011

Moments of a lovely winter day

Hi there!
I finally have the time to actually publish my creation for the Februari skiss challenge from the Svensk Scrapbooking forum. I was done with it 1 week ago, but so much happened recently, that i forgot about it. Lucky i saw it on the working table and remembered i should publish it :)). It's called "Moments of a lovely winter day" and, from the left to the right, the pictures represent the natural sequence of a day: morning, afternoon and evening :). I should have used some photo-corners, but i did not have any; however, when i will get some i will get back to this LO and up-grade it ;).
Under natural light:
Under artificial light:
Detail of the left side:
Detail of the right side: 
Detail of the flower: 
And the sketch:
Well, that was it. Now back to the Valentine's day...thingies ;).
I wish you all a weekend filled with love and joy! And a wonderful Monday!

10 February 2011


Hello there ;)!
Long time no blogged, i know.
Looooots of changes happened in this past week and therefore there were - and still are - so many things to do in such short term. Anyway, the conclusions are:
1. Unfortunatelly, we will have to close the webshop in Romania (due to the fact that, starting with 15th of January 2011, PayPal requests for everyone who buys via them to make themselves an PayPal account, which very many refuse to do) You will still be able to find the shop on the internet, but not to buy. The blog will remain as it is, for the moment being i dont have any plans to change it
2. HAPPY SCRAPPY (our new name) will focus on Sweden from now on and our goal is to make people happy by offering the best prices in Sweden, wherever  possible
3. Happy Scrappy has been launched today and it will have a completelly new look
4. End of this month i will be at the Risinge scrap-meeting and i look forward to it.
5. I think that's all ;)
I wish you all a great day & weekend and...blog soon ;-)!

03 February 2011

Lansarea no. 8 - Revista Atelierul

Dragi pasionati de handmade,
Pe 5 februarie, la ora 16 ne vedem in Memento Pub and Underbar, strada Sepcari nr. 16, in centrul vechi al Bucurestiului pentru a lansa impreuna numarul 8 al revistei Atelierul.
Pe langa proiectia revistei, vom avea invitati trei propietari de magazine handmade pentru o prima editie de “Discutii in Atelierul”. Astfel alaturi de Sinziana Nastase si Eva Strat, fetele de la PixieShoes, Elena Gheorghe de la Dot Shop si Valentina Popescu de la fostul magazin Interesart vom incerca sa aflam cum au reusit sa transforme o pasiune pentru handmade, pentru produsele unicat ale tinerilor designeri, intr-o afacere profitabila. Publicul va fi cel mai important, el ne va intreba tot ce vrea sa afle despre curentul handmade si modul in care acesta se dezvolta.
Adiacent evenimentelor, Elena Gheorghe va veni cu o expozitie de sculpturi, iar fetele de la Pixie Shoes vor aduce produsele cele mai dragi lor din magazin.
Deasemenea ne-am gandit sa va indulcim cu bezele si sa facem un atelier insolit unde vom realiza produse numai bune de oferit persoanei dragi de sfantul Valentin.
Nu exista niciun cost pentru participarea la evenimentul Atelierul.
Este indicat sa veniti cu persoana iubita deoarece este un eveniment dedicat iubaretilor si iubirii.

Echipa Atelierul

01 February 2011

Our wedding Album / Albumul nostru de nunta

...page 2 ;). So, as i was saying in my last post, i am ready with the second page for our Wedding Album and this one is totally different than the first page. I have used my favourite techniques and i might even like it a bit more than the first one :D.
So, with this page im taking part at the current Sketch Thursdays challenge and here it is, with details:
With light on (so you can see the pearlised aspect of the page):
With normal light:
Focus on the pictures area: 
Focus on the masking technique: 
And the sketch: 
Im going to link it now to the challenge page, tomorrow it's the last day for that and i dont want to wait until then, i have so much to do that i might forget :)).
Until next time i will be around, have fun ;)!!!



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