Moments of a lovely winter day

Hi there!
I finally have the time to actually publish my creation for the Februari skiss challenge from the Svensk Scrapbooking forum. I was done with it 1 week ago, but so much happened recently, that i forgot about it. Lucky i saw it on the working table and remembered i should publish it :)). It's called "Moments of a lovely winter day" and, from the left to the right, the pictures represent the natural sequence of a day: morning, afternoon and evening :). I should have used some photo-corners, but i did not have any; however, when i will get some i will get back to this LO and up-grade it ;).
Under natural light:
Under artificial light:
Detail of the left side:
Detail of the right side: 
Detail of the flower: 
And the sketch:
Well, that was it. Now back to the Valentine's day...thingies ;).
I wish you all a weekend filled with love and joy! And a wonderful Monday!