Hello there ;)!
Long time no blogged, i know.
Looooots of changes happened in this past week and therefore there were - and still are - so many things to do in such short term. Anyway, the conclusions are:
1. Unfortunatelly, we will have to close the webshop in Romania (due to the fact that, starting with 15th of January 2011, PayPal requests for everyone who buys via them to make themselves an PayPal account, which very many refuse to do) You will still be able to find the shop on the internet, but not to buy. The blog will remain as it is, for the moment being i dont have any plans to change it
2. HAPPY SCRAPPY (our new name) will focus on Sweden from now on and our goal is to make people happy by offering the best prices in Sweden, wherever  possible
3. Happy Scrappy has been launched today and it will have a completelly new look
4. End of this month i will be at the Risinge scrap-meeting and i look forward to it.
5. I think that's all ;)
I wish you all a great day & weekend and...blog soon ;-)!