Happy Monday, everyone! How are you? Started a good week i hope :).
Im back in the blogosphere to show you the albums´covers as i promised. And without further ado, here there are:
The front cover of album 1:
The middle of the heart is reserved for a photo of the happy couple, of course: 
Inside the front cover:
Inside the pocket 2 tags where they can write something or put some pictures:
The back cover; inside is a mini-album with some wedding-specific wishes:
The back cover, outside (it states who created the album ;)):
So that is all for album 1, for the bride´s parents.

Now album 2.
The front cover:
Inside the front cover:
Inside the pocket, another 2 tags where they can write or put pics: 
And finally the back cover:
And that was all. All i can tell is that it was a great pleasure to work on them, that they require a lot of time (3 hours for each front cover) and that it was all handmade, including the covers (i recuperated some materials, im a  green scrapbooker :P). I will probably make some small updated to it until i deliver it, if i feel its needed.
Now i get back to the kitchen, the soup is in the making and it needs me :P.
Have a lovely day all :)!

Happy Thursday everyone ;-)!
Im back again to show you a birthday card i made for a friend who gets 60 yo this weekend. It´s not my idea, i found it somewhere on youtube, don´t remember where any more, because i checked so many before i made the decision:
and from the side:
It´s very simple to do, especially for those of you who make cards more often than LOs. Im the opposite, but it´s been easy anyway :). I posted it especially because i know that many of us are in a small trouble when put in this situation of making a card for a man. Hope it helps.
Also, i think i found my favourite kind of hand-made flowers, after the roses of course. They are all made with the cutting die "Tattered florals" and they look like this:
and the smaller ones:
You will find a tutorial for them here
I really needed another kinds of flowers, because you know, it gets boring with always the same "dish" ;). They are really cool not only for scrap projects, but also as home decorations (i put them in the tray where i have the flower pots and in the tray where we have the candles and they look very nice). 
That was all for today. Now out in the fresh air with us ;). Have a lovely Thursday!

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday ;)!
How are you doing, hope all is fine with you from every point of view.
All good here also, we have had 2 days with just sun and i feel the spring is on our side now. Last night it's been cold and a small layer of frost is laying on the buildings's roofs. Right now i see the frost from the building in front of us melting down under the power of the sun. But let's get back to our "sheeps" and let me bring the latest news: i am totally done with the wedding albums, covers included. Today i will post here the pages from the groom's parents' album and i will start with the ones you have not seen yet:
Red Carpet:
Towards the future:
Always together:
And the ones you saw already: Just us:
At the palace:
The first day from the rest of our life:
Love like you only see in movies:
These days i will also post the covers. Until then, have a great time!

Hello friends!

And Happy Monday :)! How was your weekend, anything special happened? Did you have nice weather, were much outdoors? 
I have been much outside on Saturday, it's been a very nice day, full of fun...and some scrap-goodies for my friend's scrap-album. I've also ordered some products that i have not found in the shop and i'm waiting for a small package these days, so i can finish the covers. Meanwhile, today i will show you the album for Dana's parents, and i will start with the pages you have not seen yet:
Towards the future:
Red Carpet:
Love like you only see in movies:
Just us:
At the palace:
The first day of the rest of our life:
You are my gift:
Actually there are 11 pages, but 3 of them are protected by the privacy right ;).
I hope you like them and until next time, when i will post the album dedicated to the groom's parents, i wish you a wonderful day and a great week :)!

Hello bloggers!
Just a quick post to show you my take on the latest challenge back at Creative Scrappers
The title means "Love like you only see in movies":
And here is the sketch:
Have a lovely evening :)!!!

Hi everyone!
Im back again! The cold is over and since Monday i have created almost non-stop. So that both albums are now done and all i have left are the covers. Actually, one of the back covers is also done :). 
But right now i will show you what i did for the challenge 145 of Creative Scrappers:
Here is the sketch, which i followed but not 100%:
This is just a glimpse of what is coming, but i can not show all at once, because of the challenge thing :). Actually, this afternoon i will post some more, cause i don´t have the patience :P.
Today i will start working on the front cover for one of the albums and if im done today i will continue with the other 2 covers. Challenging things, really, i love them, i love challenges!!!
Beside this, it seems that spring is coming here too. It´s so sunny and nice outside, i will take a shower and get out, it´s a shame to stay indoors.
All my love to you, dear all!

Hello world :-)!
Yes, im back!!! 10 days, i can't believe i could stay away for so long. But you know very well that i don't miss that long by my choice. And now i take the chance to thank so much to all of you who sent me emails and sms asking what im doing and where i am. Thanks a lot, friends!!! I can not say how much i appreciate your care. Well, the reason of my absence is that i've been cold and in the same time i had a lot to translate - not fun at all, i can tell you. I am finally done today and i also feel a bit better, so i can get back to you and show you what i did - yes, i have scrapbooked, unbelievable i know :D. Not even a cold can keep me away from my hobby.
I have missed to wish all of you great women who follow me a great DAY on 8th of March, our day! I hope you had a cool day, with lots of flowers and chocolates and all you wished for ;).
So here is what i did lately. A LO a made for a challenge to which i did not have the energy and time to submit:
Detail of the frame (distress embossing powder):
I know the most important thing: that the beneficiary liked them a lottt and im so glad about this!
Well, now im getting a nap or something like this in front of a good movie, 'cause im spent :))))).
Have a lovely weekend and see you...soon i hope :P!

Aha, so i said i'd get back, here i am. I worked pretty much already today and i took a break to take the pictures i told you about. So here are the latest 4 LOs i did on sunday. They are all for Dana's wedding albums (told you that she wanted me to make 2, 1 album for every pair of parents, so this is why you will see doubles ;)). 
With this first one im also taking part in the current Sketch Thursdays challenge:
The title means "At the palace":
The pictures are so wonderful and full of intricate and elegant details, that i thought i should not use to many embellishments. The pictures are taken in the Oltenia Art Museum from Craiova, Romania, and here are 2 pictures of it:
And here is the other LO i made, with the same pictures:
And these last 2 were meant to enter a challenge, but i forgot that february is shorter than the other months, so i forgot to submit them :)):

Hope you like them :).
Now i will go make something to eat, then maybe watch some movie with my beloved husband and then work again ;).
Have a wonderful afternoon and rest of the week :)!

More wedding LOs

by on 02 March
Aha, so i said i'd get back, here i am. I worked pretty much already today and i took a break to take the pictures i told you about. So ...
Hello everyone!
Before everything else, i want to wish you all a happy wonderful spring, filled with joy and love!!! Here is my gift to you :):
According to a wonderful romanian tradition, this is what i am wearing the first 9 days of March. It's called "Mărţişor" and is worn in order to celebrate the arrival of spring :). That red and white "thing" (sorry, now i really don't know what its name is) is full of symbols: mainly the symbiosis between good and evil, male and female, spring and winter and so on. In Romania is offered usually by men to women together with flowers, nice huh ;). The original symbols for "mărţişor" are the chimney sweeper, the clover or the horse shoe (they all bring luck), now you can find them in any shape you can think of:
The history lesson is over now :D!!!
Wow, it's been really long since i last posted, sorry for that :(! My time was so full that i did not feel when it flew by, you know how it is. I have been to this scrapbooking retreat last weekend and it's been soooo nice. We have been like 40 people scrapping like crazy :P. And just when i was thinking to start scrapbooking more, i got this huge translation job, that will keep me busy for 2 weeks from now on. Now i would like to show you what i have created , but i did not take pictures yet, so i will get back to you asap. Meanwhile, i wish you a wonderful day and rest of the week!