Finally back in business!!!

Hello world :-)!
Yes, im back!!! 10 days, i can't believe i could stay away for so long. But you know very well that i don't miss that long by my choice. And now i take the chance to thank so much to all of you who sent me emails and sms asking what im doing and where i am. Thanks a lot, friends!!! I can not say how much i appreciate your care. Well, the reason of my absence is that i've been cold and in the same time i had a lot to translate - not fun at all, i can tell you. I am finally done today and i also feel a bit better, so i can get back to you and show you what i did - yes, i have scrapbooked, unbelievable i know :D. Not even a cold can keep me away from my hobby.
I have missed to wish all of you great women who follow me a great DAY on 8th of March, our day! I hope you had a cool day, with lots of flowers and chocolates and all you wished for ;).
So here is what i did lately. A LO a made for a challenge to which i did not have the energy and time to submit:
Detail of the frame (distress embossing powder):
I know the most important thing: that the beneficiary liked them a lottt and im so glad about this!
Well, now im getting a nap or something like this in front of a good movie, 'cause im spent :))))).
Have a lovely weekend and see you...soon i hope :P!