SUEDIA are nevoie de medici!

SUEDIA are nevoie de medici!
SUEDIA are nevoie de medici! Vino la singurul curs din Craiova asistat de un suedez nativ (40 lei/ora)! CLICK pe imagine pentru detalii!

02 March 2011

HAPPY SPRING, everyone!

Hello everyone!
Before everything else, i want to wish you all a happy wonderful spring, filled with joy and love!!! Here is my gift to you :):
According to a wonderful romanian tradition, this is what i am wearing the first 9 days of March. It's called "Mărţişor" and is worn in order to celebrate the arrival of spring :). That red and white "thing" (sorry, now i really don't know what its name is) is full of symbols: mainly the symbiosis between good and evil, male and female, spring and winter and so on. In Romania is offered usually by men to women together with flowers, nice huh ;). The original symbols for "mărţişor" are the chimney sweeper, the clover or the horse shoe (they all bring luck), now you can find them in any shape you can think of:
The history lesson is over now :D!!!
Wow, it's been really long since i last posted, sorry for that :(! My time was so full that i did not feel when it flew by, you know how it is. I have been to this scrapbooking retreat last weekend and it's been soooo nice. We have been like 40 people scrapping like crazy :P. And just when i was thinking to start scrapbooking more, i got this huge translation job, that will keep me busy for 2 weeks from now on. Now i would like to show you what i have created , but i did not take pictures yet, so i will get back to you asap. Meanwhile, i wish you a wonderful day and rest of the week!


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