Rather fairytale-ish than sassy, but i love the idea of it :P. 
This LO was made for the current challenge from Sassy Lil´Sketches, and this is my first time with them. The pictures were taken by me during the winter of 2010/2011, which was beautiful here is Sweden :).
The journaling reads like this: "Winter of 2010/2011 was the longest/coldest in 150 years. I always loved real winters with lots of snow, cold and sun in the skies. It makes me feel i live in a fairytale. Life with my baby is a fairytale :)". So, here it is:
Focus on the pictures & journaling:
Focus on the journaling:
And close-up on the glittery part of the LO:
And here is the sketch, a very cool and inspirational one:
Hope that these pictures "conveyed" to you the fairytale feeling that i had during this whole winter :).
Until next time, see you soon...and then later again ;).
Hello everyone!
Today i just want to share my happiness with you: i was FEATURED on the Lasting Memories challenge blog with my LO called "Perfection". 
Here is the badge:
I just saw the article and it made me so proud and happy, im jumping up and down like a child! It's also the first time im featured somewhere. Here is once again the LO that i submit to their floral challenge:
Im already looking forward to their next challenge.
That is all for now! Until next time i wish you all the best! Enjoy your days!
May has always been my favourite month. Blooming trees, wonderful flowers, most enchanting smells, clear blues skies, all these mean perfection to me. Flowers i always loved and, since i discovered the wonder of photography, i like to take photos of them. This is what i did with these magnolias and when i took the photos i was already thinking to scrap them. I scrapped them in the weekend and today i found the perfect opportunity to publish them within this challenge. It´s my first time with Lasting Memories and this time they had a very free challenge, with no sketch whatsoever. All you need to do is to include mostly flowers in your creation.  Here is my LO:

So, as soon as im done here i will go and link my LO to their blog. Hope you liked it and find it inspirational.
Until next time i will be here again, i tell you all to have a wonderful time :)! See yaaaa!
Hello everyone and Happy Monday ;)!!!
Today i will interrupt the baby-boy-album show in order to "send" out the LO that i created for the current challenge from ST. It contains pictures taken in our vacation in Romania, in our garden, my father´s oasis :). My father´s hobby is taking care of his huge garden, filled with all kind of fruit-trees and vineyard, plus some hens ;). The journaling reads like this: "This is the place where my father likes to spend most of his free time. It´s the family´s farm of which he takes care almost like of a child. The vineyard, the fruit-trees, the hens - they all form an oasis where you relax by working."
The "ingredients" used to create the LO you will find in Happy Scrappy ;).
Here is the LO:
And some close-ups:

And here is the sketch:
Hope you liked my father´s farm, and maybe the LO also ;). 
Until next post & next baby-boy scrap-page, i tell you all take care, have fun and enjoy every second of the day!

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday ;)!
Just a short post today ;). It's time to publish another page from the baby-boy album that i just finished. I wanted to do it tomorrow, but it seems i won't be home. Like i said before, the titles will be inserted by the parents themselves, this is why some pages might look incomplete, because i left space for the title. Let's see how this page looks:
The baby looks very happy between his parents, of course, and he's such a cute pie, really sweet and adorable. Hope they will like the album and that you might get some inspiration in case you need some :). 
Until Monday i guess, i wish you all a wonderful weekend, with lovely weather!
Hi everyone,

As i said, im back again, pretty soon huh :D?
The baby-boy album is actually ready, today i will send it to the beneficiaries. My sister, who ordered this album, decided that the parents will put the titles, so i except 1 single LO where the title just popped-up, none of the pages has a title. Also, this page is a double one, made according to the sketch posted in the current challenge back at Sketchy Thursdays, my favourite challenge blog ;). Again, the baby decided to play hide&seek with you, hope you will join him :).
Here is the double one:
And here are the composing elements in detail:

And here is the sketch:
If i had more pictures with the baby and if the order was not limited to 10 pages, i would have continued working on it. I will miss working on it and im already looking forward to the next baby scrap-album. I loved working on this album. I never before finished 5 LOs in one day, so that´s a record for me. I hope the parents will love the album as much as i loved working on it.
Until next page i will post here, i wish you all the BEST!!!

Hello world and welcome to this new wonderful day :)!
Much has been done since my last post: until last Friday i translated a lot, Saturday a have been to a scrap-meeting and in 4 hours i only managed to create 1 LO (i was not very inspired that day). However, on Sunday i created 5 LOs - the muses have been very generous with me :). Anyway, today i will start showing you the album, page by page. The album contains 10 pages plus 2 covers, that will also be made by me. Also, the baby decided to play a bit of "hide&seek" with you and hide his sweet face. Which is a pitty, because in some pictures he is really funny, but we shall regard the album only from the scrapbooking point of view :). I have not put the titles yet, so i will get back when the titles will be added. Hopefully for the next pages i will have the titles by the moment i will post them. So here is the first page, where there is nothing to hide ;):

This is a gift that my sister will make to some friends who's baby has just been baptised on Saturday. And it will be a total surprise for them, because all has been prepared in secret. I hope with all my heart that they will like it, can't wait for her and their feedback :).
Ok everyone, until next time i will be here, which is soon, i wish you all the best!!! Enjoy this spring-summer and take a lot of pictures, you will discover their importance later (if not now) ;).

Hello world!
How is everyone? Hope you all started a fine day and week!
I for one did very much already, food is ready and now im pretty free.
This weekend i made a page for my uncle. Before we went to Romania i had made a page for my father and left it there, of course. But it felt unfair not to make one for my uncle too. So i picked some pictures of him - i found very few to chose from, from which i once again realised how important it is to make pictures, as many as we can - and made him a scrap page. It feels better now :). With this page i will take part in the current challenge back at Pencillines.
The title is in romanian and it means "LOVE = RESPECT":
...and a close-up:
This is the sketch that was to be followed:
Now im waiting for the pictures for the baby-boy and will soon start working on his first album, a scrap-album ;). Im so looking forward to that.
Until later, i tell you all Have a great time!

Hello everyone! How are you doing? All good i hope :)!
We are back home now, after 3 weeks of vacation filled with the best things you can dream about  - ahhh, sigh :)! Perfect weather (except for the last 2-3 days when it rained but it was still warm), not too much computer and internet (actually, 4 days in a raw we stood away from it and felt excellent; before, i was convinced that i was addicted to the internet, but now im happy to discover that im not - hurrray!!!). Important things were solved just a few days before leaving back to Sweden and without any intention, rather by accident. So im happy to declare that the trip was a very fruitful one, from every point of view ;)! And this is my gift to all of you, hope you can feel the smell :):

Now, im back to Sweden and therefore back to scrap (i missed it a lot in Romania). In the following days i will start working on a baby-boy album, im just waiting for the pics to be developed, looking forward to that.
Except this, the weather is lovely here, im so happy for this.
Wishing you all the best, i tell you "see you soon" ;)!