Back home = back to scrap ;)!

Hello everyone! How are you doing? All good i hope :)!
We are back home now, after 3 weeks of vacation filled with the best things you can dream about  - ahhh, sigh :)! Perfect weather (except for the last 2-3 days when it rained but it was still warm), not too much computer and internet (actually, 4 days in a raw we stood away from it and felt excellent; before, i was convinced that i was addicted to the internet, but now im happy to discover that im not - hurrray!!!). Important things were solved just a few days before leaving back to Sweden and without any intention, rather by accident. So im happy to declare that the trip was a very fruitful one, from every point of view ;)! And this is my gift to all of you, hope you can feel the smell :):

Now, im back to Sweden and therefore back to scrap (i missed it a lot in Romania). In the following days i will start working on a baby-boy album, im just waiting for the pics to be developed, looking forward to that.
Except this, the weather is lovely here, im so happy for this.
Wishing you all the best, i tell you "see you soon" ;)!