SUEDIA are nevoie de medici!

SUEDIA are nevoie de medici!
SUEDIA are nevoie de medici! Vino la singurul curs din Craiova asistat de un suedez nativ (40 lei/ora)! CLICK pe imagine pentru detalii!

09 May 2011

Retro wedding page - sketch 236

Hello world!
How is everyone? Hope you all started a fine day and week!
I for one did very much already, food is ready and now im pretty free.
This weekend i made a page for my uncle. Before we went to Romania i had made a page for my father and left it there, of course. But it felt unfair not to make one for my uncle too. So i picked some pictures of him - i found very few to chose from, from which i once again realised how important it is to make pictures, as many as we can - and made him a scrap page. It feels better now :). With this page i will take part in the current challenge back at Pencillines.
The title is in romanian and it means "LOVE = RESPECT":
...and a close-up:
This is the sketch that was to be followed:
Now im waiting for the pictures for the baby-boy and will soon start working on his first album, a scrap-album ;). Im so looking forward to that.
Until later, i tell you all Have a great time!


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