joi, iulie 7

Beauty to admire :)

Flowers!!! Does not everyone love them? Aren't they a supreme symbol of perfection? All those layers of petals, all those incredible colors, their smell - they all form something so perfect and beautiful :). And what else can we do but admire them?  In this LO i used some pictures took 5 years ago, during my trip to Amsterdam. I know, you would normally think about tulips but its not them the star of these photos ;). 
90% of what i have used to create this LO you can buy from here, at excellent prices right now ;).
I will submit this LO to this challenge and now let's see what i'm talking about:
...and some close-ups:
...the journaling ("I will always take the time 2 ADMIRE the flowers. I always loved flowers, they express so well the nature's perfection, that can not be otherwise created. Flowers and music make our lives so beautiful."):
...and the sketch:
I have made this LO for 2 weeks i think, but i better publish it now, 'cause if i wait any longer im afraid i will forget to publish it in due time :)).
I hope you liked it and maybe it put you too in the mood to admire some perfection ;).
Until next time i will blog you, stay safe ;)!