26 October 2011

I like being a Globetrotter!

Hello world and Happy Wednesday ;)!
How are you all, all fine i hope. Here the time has passed by with the speed of light lately. Work, work and ork again. But the more i have to work, the more i need to find my time to scrapbook. So i managed to finish everything earlier and to create a LO for the 3 challenges listed bellow. It is a very pleasant challenge for me to keep to a certain color scheme and this is why i try to follow the CR challenges as often as possible. So, this time i had 1 color scheme and 2 sketches that i combined somehow, successfully i hope :P. 
All i used here (except the background paper) you find at HAPPY SCRAPPY, at great prices ;). Let's see how it looks:
Focus on the mosaic effect i made on this photo:
Focus on the pics:
Focus on title & journaling, which reads out like this: "This was part of my 1-month-trip in Western Europe. I travelled by train and enjoyed it."
...more journaling (the cities i visited):
and now the CR inspiration:
...the ST sketch:
 ...and the Sketchabilities sketch:
Hope you like it and maybe it puts you in the mood to scrap some ;). Have a lovely day and continuation of the week. Ahhhh, and....im WITCHING you a SPOOKY Halloween - eat, drink and be SCARRY - muahahahah ;)! Also, don't forget this Sunday the hour moves 1 step back ;).
Except this, take care of yourself and have a lovely time whatever you do!

19 October 2011

SUNSET...on the last 100 m!!!

Hello world!
It's long time since i posted something so late in the evening and on the last 100 m, but here i am :D This is for scheme #80 from The Color Room and for  The Sketchy Thursdays. It's an old picture i've taken on my way home from a monitoring visit, in Romania, (on the way to) Craiova, October 2004 or 2005. The car was rolling, so i said let's see what my new digital camera can do ;). This is also what the journaling is about :).
Everything (except the ribbon) i used here you can buy from HAPPY SCRAPPY, at very good prices, i promise you ;). Now let's see my take on the sketch and the color scheme:
...the title details (SUNSET):
...the embellies:
 ...the journaling:
...the ST challenging sketch ;):
...and the wonderful color scheme from TCR:

14 October 2011

You and Me are Sisters ♥

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!!! 
Somehow, i have the impression that lately i managed to publish a post mostly on Friday - not bad ;). Of course i missed you too and, before anything, i thank you so much for the comments and messages you send me constantly! You warm my heart and make me feel you appreciate the fact that i publish all this. Thank you everyone :)!
This last week has been full of thoughts and ideas and even sleepless nights and lately the message that i get from what i see and read is "Don't give up your dream" and "Winners never quit and quitters never win". Good to remember :d.
Meanwhile i will tell you that im looking forward to Halloween, as always and the pumpkins are already here, i will take a picture before transforming them into a delicious pumpkin pie and lanterns ;).
Also, i took a step further in my creative process and signed up for the ColorRoom - a lovely community that im excited to be part of and where a challenge is posted every Friday (again Friday;)). These challenges are based on color schemes (4 colors that you have to include in your LO) and i tell you they are just fabulous!!! So i felt it's time to move forward a bit and try this.
Everything i used to make this page you can buy from HAPPY SCRAPPY at really great prices ;). And this is my 1st LO based on scheme #79:
...the layering:
...title and journaling:
...the embellies:
...the color scheme:
This is the 1st LO with just me and my sister and i hope you like it. I felt very good when i was done with it and it feels good to look at it every time :). The picture is taken on Christmas evening in 1982. The page will of course be part of our family album ;).
Until next post, i wish you all a great time and a lovely weekend ;)! Take care!

07 October 2011

Halloween door sign :P

Hello everyone and Happy Fridayyyyy!!! 
The weekend is here and we are all in such a good mood just because of this ;). Let me put you in an even better - and hopefully creative - mood with a spooky door sign i made for our friend Klasse, who loves his skulls :P. 
I promised i would post it and, considering that Halloween is soon here, i thought you might need a bit of an "inspiration boost" :P. 
Hope you like it at least as much as he did. We have one too, of course, but not spooky, and he said his doorsign is much nicer than ours :)))). I loved to hear that, believe me. Here it is:
 ...and here is ours, which is one of my first creations :):
That was is, now i let you enjoy your last working hours for today and prepare for the weekend. I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you'll do :). 
See yaaa!



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