31 December 2011

28 December 2011

A delayed Christmas card :P

Happy Holidays to the world!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas time close to your dear ones and that under the tree you found what you were hoping for :).
I won't be long, as i have much planing work to do, but i just wanted to show you another Christmas card, i know it's a bit late now, but you can use the idea for any other occasion. So here it is, completely closed:
 1/2 open:
 and completely open:

Unfortunately, i forgot what the name of the card is, the technique, and because of this i could not find it on the net either, so i had to remember how i did it last time, but i managed ;). Hope you like it and it inspires you. 
Until the New Year arrives, i tell you all see you soon, enjoy your time and have fun ;)!

18 December 2011

B-day card for Klasse, our dear friend ;)

Hello world!
Happy Sunday! Can you believe it's just 1 week 'til Christmas??? I can't, i honestly can't. But i don't want to think about it :P.
Today, 14 days after our friend's 40th b-day, i am posting the card i made for him.
It's a short post this one, but i don't think anyone has the time to read too long posts right now ;).
So, 1 side of the tee-pee card:
2nd side:
...and 3rd side:
Sorry for the background (all my tools and stuff :P)! And now some close-ups:

The background paper is Fantasy from Dovecraft. The glitter glue i used you can also find in my shop.
Hope you like it and it inspires you :). If you find the time - i did not - you can chose to create yourself such a card, but maybe with a more Christmas-y feeling :P.
Now i wish you all a great time, whatever you're doing and "see" you soon;)!

11 December 2011

3D Christmas cards

Hi everyone!
I know, i've been long gone, but i had to. And so far i don't know when i'll be "free". I mean it's soon Christmas and we will all start doing the usual things fro Christmas. But for that i will need to have some free time away from translations :D. But as usual i find my time to scrap, not as much as before - i don't feel i have the time to create a whole scrapbook page, just cards right now :). Anyway, this is what i did so recently - and they are NOT finished - i just wanted to show you the "idea":

...and with the baubles:

Hope you like them and maybe you have more time than me to start making some yourself. Have a great time and enjoy every second :)!

03 December 2011

♥ Christmas cards full of angels ♥

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday evening ;)! Happy December and Happy Romania´s National Day (1st of December)! Ah, and La multi ani, Andreilor si Andreelor!!! Sorry for the delay:(! Im sorry i´ve been away for so long, i had and still have much to work. However, as everyone needs rest, i needed some too, so i made some cards. To some i took pics already, to some not. Right now im working on a card for our dear friend Klasse, who´s birthday is tomorrow. So of course i could not miss the occasion. Must say, this will be a very special and original card and i already like it to bits. Let´s hope he will love it, because it´s very much according to his style :P. Meanwhile, i made some more Christmas cards and let´s see what became of them. This is a new technique, that i liked very much the result of, so i could not resist and started making 2 right away :P.
Card 1, closed:
Same but open:
and card 2, closed:
and open:
They read out Craciun Fericit, which is the romanian wish for Merry Christmas. I will send these cards to my romanian relatives and friends. Hope they will like them :).
Dear friends, it´s late here and i had a full day, so please excuse me if i will retire now ;). Until next time, i wish you all a great weekend and...
For my romanian readers: fie ca Mos Nicolae sa fie bland si generos cu voi ;)! Ati fost cuminti, da ;)?! Normal ca da ;). OK, then good night and big hugs!



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