miercuri, august 26

Autumn is here - art journaling

Yes, i was in the mood for autumn. So i created a journaling page about it. I could create some more, to be honest, on the same subject, as i love autumn. 
I noticed that i started loving autumn progressively, it comes with age, you know :P. When i was younger it was making me feel melancholic and nostalgic. But in the last 1-2 years it makes me feel energetic, i enjoy life more than usual. Strange, i know :D :)).
So i found this image i liked a lot. And i made a few mistakes, the colours were too intense and too darkin the beginning, so i covered everything with tissue paper and here is the final result (sorry, i really dont know why the image is inverted, in my computer is normal but it attaches it wrongly :( ):

and a detail:

Iata, dragi prieteni, o pagina de mixed media journaling despre toamna. Am gresit, culorile de fundal folosite erau prea inchise si prea intense, asa ca am aplicat niste hartie subtire peste si mi-a placut ce a iesit la final. Sper ca si voua.
Ne vedem curand pentru o noua creatie. Pana atunci, sa avem zile superbe :)!

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