duminică, septembrie 20

Sweet neighbourhood

Neighbourhood is important and it can make our everyday life sweeter. I know you know what i mean ;). With the green grass and the lovely flowers and the blooming trees or falling leaves, depending on the season, our neighbourhood is important. That is, of course, if we know to look at all these details ;). 
And if one lives in a house area then the freedom is even greater, as everyone can decorate the outside of their houses in their own style...and i for one am for diversity. I love colourful houses with the main doors painted in nice contrasting colours. They make my day brighter, don't ask me why ;). 
So here is what i was inspired to do, not by my neighbourhood, as i live in an apartment house, but by my imagination/dreams :P. Hope you like it:

...and for some details:

Cu totii stim cat de importanta este zona in care locuim. Ne poate face viata de zi cu zi mai frumoasa. In functie de anotimp, sunt atat de multe frumuseti care ne pot incanta, mereu altfel. Asta, bineinteles, daca stim sa fim atenti. 
In plus, daca stai intr-o zona de case, poti avea norocul sa ai vecini mai curajosi care sa isi coloreze casele intr-un mod aparte, si usile de intrare in culori contrastante. Eu una ador diversitatea si astfel de case imi fac ziua mai frumoasa ;). Cam de un astfel de "neighbourhood" am fost inspirata cand am creat acest tablou. Sper sa va placa. Pe curand!

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