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Primul album-desfasurat al lui Vladut - la final

Saptamana trecuta a fost una foarte aglomerata, dar nu as putea spune ca e vreo diferenta intre ea si cele de dinainte , aand in vedere expozitia si toate celelalte. Dupa cum poate ca stiti deja, mie asa imi place, deci nu ma plang ;). So, ca sa nu lungim prea mult vorba, saptamana lucratoare s-a incheiat cu atelierul de vineri, cand m-am revazut cu Vladut si Anca, pentru a termina albumele de Craciun. A fost o seara foarte relaxanta, in care orele trec fara sa ne dam seama. Asa cum spunea o veche participanta la ateliere, fiecare album este fermecator, indiferent daca modelul si tema sunt aceleasi. Nu ma pot abtine sa le admir ca pe niste decoratiuni superbe intr-o vitrina de magazin :). Va las pe voi sa va convingeti singuri (apasati pe fiecare imagine pentru marire). Data viitoare ne vedem pentru a merge cu scrapbookingul la ski ;). Tineti aproape si sa avem o saptamana usoara si calma!


Hello everyone,

Long time no posted in English and i appologise to keep you waiting. I had a really full time with the exhibition and all. But even so, i could not stop doing the things i love: my workshops with Vladut and his mother, Anca. Vladut is a smart and talented boy, so i thought we should not wait long to dive into more difficult projects, like the flip-album we just finished on Friday ;). Both him and his mother made one, each with their specific, of course, even though both on the same lovely Christmas theme ;). You can see in the pictures above how lovely albums they made (press on the images to zoom in). It's always enchanting to see every new album someone creates, because they are all so different and unique and charming, no matter the theme or the patterns they use. So, without further ado, i say to you to keep close, as in the next workshop we will take scrapbooking to ski ;). Until then, let's all have a lovely and calm week :)!

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