miercuri, februarie 24

M is for Moon, Red Moon ;)

"Red Moon" is inspired by a photo of Blood Moon, the famous astronomical event that took place at the end of September 2015. I was online looking for nothing in specific, or not for this anyway, but when i saw it, it hit me. Now i realize i did not even save it, don't ask me why. Anyway in the photo one could see the huge blood moon to the left, a mountain in the middle and a cityscape to the right, if i remember correctly. 
I did not feel like going for a cityscape, rather for a completely astronomical theme, so on the other side i painted the sun, and everything is mirrored in the water. Needles to say everything is pretty abstract:

Here you can see the 3D structure (in the sun):

Here you can clearly see the background: aluminum foil :):

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