SUEDIA are nevoie de medici!

SUEDIA are nevoie de medici!
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23 May 2016

Zilele "Mihai Viteazul" 2016

Hello everyone!

Long time no write, and im sorry for that, only my time has been very limited lately, so limited that i could not even meet a friend who i see very seldom :(. So much so that i hardly had time to get out and enjoy. At the end of this week i was as tired as a dog :)). And i don't get tired easily, but some things make you more tired than others, especially if they are on a repeat pattern :D.

Anyways, here i am again telling you about the joy i had this week. Luiza from Tradem, the Culture House where i had my scrapbooking workshops and where 2 months ago Italy, Poland and Romania scrapbooked together, called me a short while ago to ask if i could do some medals for "Zilele Mihai Viteazul" 2016, which happens in Craiova every year in May.
Well, i started looking for photos of Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave - a ruler of ours from the 16th century), and i found just a few that i liked. I had this idea that i should put them on a black background, so the picture should have had very bright colours.

So 30 medals and a trophey (a sword, which was drawn by Magnus and painted in gold by me - turned out very nicely actually) for "creme de la creme" - have not found out yet who won the trophey, should not forget to ask ;). 

So here is a proud winner of the medal:

And here are the medals:


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