vineri, septembrie 23

Communicate & stay free

Communicate is the 1st creation i did this autumn. The idea came to me in spring, i think, but i just did not have the mojo to pursuit it until now. I even made a small sketch of it and took a pic so i remember what i meant by this. Like i knew i won't do it then :D.
Anyway, the idea of this creation is that communication sets you free: communicate and you will be free like a butterfly. i don't think i have to tell you that the idea of communication is rendered here by the mobile phone, the body of the butterfly. And btw, the phone turns on if connected to electricity - but it won't stay long because of its poor batery :).
Everything is set on a 50 x 40 cm cotton canvas. I let you with photos of my creation, which i hope you like:

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