duminică, septembrie 24

Sunken Treasure - summer is still here ;)

For those of you who love summer and the ocean, here is one of my latest canvases, especially made for our exhibition on 2nd of September, but also my FIRST ever summer-themed creation. 
I always knew it in my heart that i would create something summery, but I was never in the mood for it until this summer. Even though i had this whole basket full of sea shells from Greece, for some years now. But you know how it is...sometimes all you need is a tight deadline ;).
I meant to do something else, to be honest, something with a couple of gekkos that i wanted to paint very vividly, but did not like where i was going with that, so i gesso-ed over and here we are with a 30x24 cm deep edge canvas:

Focus on the center piece, the sunken treasure itself:

Focus on the details:

I have one more creation to show you, from the ones i made especially for the exhibition. Until then, I hope you like this one and that this will make the summer stay just a bit longer with you:).

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