sâmbătă, septembrie 16

The Rainbow - one of my latest

Good morning you all!

Im back with a post about one of my latest creations, the slowest one yet. The slowest, you might ask? Well, how else would you call it: I started it end of April and finished it end of August :D. In all this time i had very much to work, it's true, but this is no excuse when you feel inspired. Which i wasn't, obviously. I had it always in front of me hoping i will get inspired to get back to work. But there was no chance. 
So, with the exhibition around the corner, i felt a bit more motivated and so i started. And finished 2 more ;). Yeah, it's a first for me too. It seems i get motivated and inspired by tight deadlines. Who would have thought?! Not me :)).

The Rainbow - mixed media canvas 60x30 cm

This is how it looked on the night i started working on it

...and this was my source of inspiration
I know i found it on Pinterest, but i don't find it anymore, so i can link it. However, maybe the signature will help identify the author of this beautiful creation.

Will get back soon enough with the other 2 creations.
Until then, all the best to you!

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