duminică, noiembrie 19

My (blog's) new look

Hello everyone!

And welcome to my new blog! 
You might have even got a bit "scared" and went off the blog when you saw the change, thinking it's a mistake :D. But i assure you it's not. It's just a big change in design. 
2 or 3 days ago, wandering through the blogs of my fellow local bloggers, i got inspired to make the change. I was inspired before too, but did not have the courage, knowing it's much to work if i changed the template/theme. But I could not resist the temptation any longer, and so I dived in. I even managed to successfully change a few layout settings and whatnot. But when i dived in deeper and met the 1st obstacle, with code and stuff, i thought i should stop and ask the help of the professionals. I called her and asked if she could help, she never hesitated and offered to do it on the spot. But it wasn't such an emergency, plus they missed the previous Scrap Encounter, so we planned to meet, create and blog some, all "live" ;). I realised i could have never made it alone, so i congratulated myself for asking her help. And this is the result. There still are a few thingies to work on, like the social media widgets and so on, but im very happy with it already. And I really hope you like it too :).

Ah, i have another news for you: i made myself an Instagram account, so now you can find me there too.
Until the next post, which will be soon enough, i promise you, i wish you a lovely Sunday!
And don't forget to send your letter to Santa! 25th of November is the deadline. So you still have a week to think what you want for Christmas this year - if you don't know already - and send the letter ;). Be nice (or maybe naughty, if you like :P)!. Read you soon!