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Back from the Nordic Film Festival

Hello crafty and movie-watching peeps!

I've been away and i forgot to let you all know beforehand, sorry for that. But now im back with a different kind of blogpost. So we've been to the Nordic Film Festival in Bucharest. It was organised by the Embassies/Consulates of the 5 nordic countries and here's the agenda of the whole period.
It started with a cocktail party where I had the opportunity to listen and talk some Swedish with a couple of Swedes who teach Swedish at the University in Bucharest. It was a lovely experience, especially for Magnus who finally had the opportunity to talk in his native language with some real Swedes :).
Then we watched a selection of short-movies from all the 5 nordic countries. We wanted to watch more movies on Friday, but we got distracted by the Old Town, which we always visit when we are in Bucharest.
There we went to the Rembrandt art shops to get ourselves some more art supplies, and there we started a conversation with the young woman working there, an artist herself, and so time flew by like there was no tomorrow ;). 
In the evening we met Mihai, our friend from the Swedish Embassy, whom we had the opportunity to get to know better. Another lovely experience. On Saturday we had to leave, and so our plan to watch a lot of nordic movies was foiled by art and interesting conversations. What nicer way to disrupt a nice plan ;)?
Now moving on to the next week, it looks full to me: on Tuesday i should post a tutorial on Youtube and i have not planned anything yet, let alone filming. On Friday we will have another ReCreative Meeting, where we will create cards for Women's Day and on Saturday i will teach the kids in the local scouts organisation to create a scrapbook layout. It will be extremely interesting and im very looking forward to this.
So this is me for now. Will get back to you on Tuesday i guess, with the new tutorial :). 
Until then, take care and enjoy yourselves!

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