marți, februarie 6

Rocking card tutorial

Hello crafty peeps!
I promised i would get back with the tutorial for the rocking card i made for a boy. Here in a very feminine context :P. I got these lovely roses from my dear husband and i wanted to take a photo of them. And i thought the card would fit them pretty well, just like the hot chocolate i was drinking at the moment :).
So in the tutorial i missed to mention the size of the pannels: they are 10 x 14 cm, to create space for 2 photos of 9x13 cm, one on each side. But my card is 20 cm in diameter. So if your card will be smaller, so will be the pannels :).
I sticked the pannels between them on the upper part (where they are not in contact wit the base), and on the bottom the same, only i took the tape backing and sticked the pannel to the base, one at a time. This is important, so they don't stick together. It's a very simple and original card, i hope you will give it a go and don't forget to show some love by SUBSCRIBING to my very young channel, please :)!

See you later!

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