marți, martie 6

All Occasions Album - part 1 (video)

Hello, crafty peeps!

I think im finally back, since i managed to film and post something today ;). There's no tutorial today, but an album i did as a demo 5 years ago. It was meant - and it still works like that - as a "tool" for my clients to understand what scrapbooking is about, since it was still very new back then. I made an album for a client of mine and she suggested for me to make this - a good marketing specialist, right ;)? And i still love it, i hope you will too. Today just the 1st half of it, which is all about babies:
The 1st page in the album

...and here is the movie itself:

See you next Tuesday with the second and last part. Until then, have a great time. Here spring has finally sprung ;).

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