vineri, aprilie 27

"Stay FABulous" brings 2 FAB pages

When passion does not let you give up and makes you forget about profit and profit margins, you know you feel good about what you're doing. It may not last forever, but for as long as it lasts it's totally worth enjoying it! That's my case with my scrapbooking workshops: i will be there even if only 1 person joins the workshop and i will enjoy it as much as if 100 came :). 
Last night we were supposed to be 3, but the 3rd one could not join in the end because she was delayed by some unpredicted event. And so in the end we were just 2: me and Andra, a young and cute mother to be. I know, it's a tough market, really tough one, and i should be disappointed, and i used to be. But i think im learning not to be anymore. 
It was a very enjoyable afternoon, with lots of talks about anything interesting and we even managed to create 1 scrapbooking page each. I know, the talking is sometimes so interesting that you forget about it, the actual reason of the meeting :)). But we did manage and it was really fun! 
Here i leave you with photos from the event and of our creations, of course:

Hope you like what we created. Im so looking forward to the next workshop, which is next Thursday, only 1 week away this time, for objective reasons ;). 
I will get back with details about it and other events soon!

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