vineri, mai 4

100% FABulously Crafty layouts

Another ReCreative workshop took place yesterday and the theme should have been "Live, Love, CREATE". But 2 crafty gurls that missed the FABulous workshop from last week wanted to create some FABulous pages and so the theme was 2 thirds FAB and 1 third CRAFTY - all in all VERY CRAFTY ;).
We met at 12 Doispe, as usual, on the back porch this time, and felt mighty fine, also as usual. Leaving from there more relaxed than we were when we came ;). 
2 more cats joined us in creation, thinking they are also very fabulous ;).
Initially, i intended to create an easel-card for Swimathon, where Mihai from the Swedish Embassy and some more beautiful people are swimming for Gabi and Alberto, if you remember them. It's the same project i wrote about here. So, yes, i want and tomorrow i actually will create 1 easel-card for this project. 

And here is us with our creations:

Hope we spread a whiff of joy your way, so you will join us next time, when the theme is "Paris, je t'aime!".
Until then, let's have a lovely time!

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