marți, mai 15

Next ARCOM workshop takes us to Paris

That's right, on Thursday we will take an(other) trip to Paris, this time imaginary.
And i say "another" because we will create scrapbook pages with photos we took in Paris, and so this workshop will bring us a lovely reminisce of that gorgeous trip. For very many Paris means honeymoon and everything romantic, so it will be a lovely page, especially full of meaning for them.
Those who don't have photos from Paris don't need to worry: i will be there to show them how to make an inverted easel-card with a very chic, Parisian design and feel :).
Credit: Google Images

Everyone has to chose between these 4 designs:

and tell us their choice via comment/message, until tomorrow evening. Everyone who will create layouts is welcome to bring anything they have left from their trip: maps, tickets (museums, train, concerts) - these will only enrich their final creation and add extra value to their memories.
We will meet on Thursday 18:00 at bar 12Doispe, and until then i wish you all a great time, filled with color and joy!

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