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Scrapbooking @ Swimathon 2018

I told you i had more news for you. Already at the previous ARCOM Workshop i wanted to create a card for a project that "runs" @ Swimathon Bucharest this year, but i did not manage then, so i made 2 in the weekend instead.
I tried to keep to the water/swimming idea and included some summery and very colorful elements for everyone's delight. I will create 3 more, and they will all be for sale:
Yes, you got it right, it's about Gabi and Alberto, who you already know by now from here and hereThe goal with this project is to get them a decent house.
Well, without knowing the kids personally, only from what Mihai told us about them, and of course because i liked very much Mihai's idea, i got attached to the kids and felt i wanted to get involved now also. So i asked Mihai if the teams that swim for Gabi and Alberto would like to create some cards - that they will either keep or sell - as a way to help the kids a bit more. And he said yes - which made me very-very happy.
The cards on the inside contain some extra elements

Those who buy a card can put their photo from the event on the front cover

So, MixedMedia Vero will bring the supplies for 10-20 participants and on the 29th of June we will be on our way to Bucharest to take part in this cool event. I would have swam as well, only im not that quick so i might drag them behind and we don't want that, do we ;).
Well, that's all for now. 
"Talk" to you later. Have a creative day!

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