miercuri, mai 9

The updated LOs and the summer workshops

You know how you almost always feel like you really need to add something extra to your creation, especially when you are not home and you don't have all the supplies with you, right ;)? Which is the case when you create away from home: i for one, when i only go away for 2 hours, for our ReCreative Workshops, i only take what i think i really need.
Well, im like that too: when i get home i take some time to take another look at my creation and add whatever i feel it needs. So the last 2 LOs ended up looking different than previously.
To the FAB layout i only added some pearls: on the title, on the flowers and in the second title (top of the page):

here the pearls are more visible:

To the "Live, Love, Create" page i added some roses and some fussy cutting:

I like them better now and i will proudly add them to my new A4 album with scrapbooking pages, that is getting bigger with almost every workshop. "Almost" because every other workshop we create cards ;).
I will say "Buh-bye!" now and hope to meet you soon, both online and in real life at our ARCOM workshops. Because i have more to tell you and im trying to find the time to write about them all :).
Until then, i wish you all a lovely day!

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