marți, ianuarie 22

Never too late to be glad you won

Hello everyone!

This is a funny one, the funniest yet anyway :)). Last night while i was browsing Pinterest on my phone - almost always from the phone - i see this very lovely and cool scrapbooking album (not mine, i know, im too funny for my shirt :)))) that makes me open the pin and go to the website. Especially since it was from one i'm following. I don't even remember if i found that specific album in the post i was led to. What i was amazed to see, as i was scrolling down the page, is one of my albums. I scroll back up to the top of the page and see that the post is from 7th of January. Ok, i knew, since i submitted another album to the challenge in December, that they were supposed to announce the winners on the 7th of January. But then, seeing the album, i realized they made a mistake: this album is old, it's from last year. I said to myself "They probably checked out the whole blog, not the specific page, and this album made it to the top, even though it's a bit much of a time." Anyway, I was hesitating to become too glad, i did not know if i should be glad: on one side i was happy that one of my albums made it, but on the other hand i was a bit sad that it was not the album i actually submitted this time...I know you understand what i mean. And just as i scroll back to the top of the page i see that the post was from the 7th of February!!! Im glad because my album made it to Top 5 most beautiful albums from the 32 that were submitted. Not bad! This is it:                       

That album is now in UK i think, it belongs to an Arts student and it was a gift from her mother. Lovely, eh? That album was made with papers from a Valentine's Day collection, but it made perfect sense to be offered to an 18 years old girl, who loves journals and secret pockets and...secrets, obviously ;). Just to refresh your memory:

Well, that's it then! Until my next post, have a lovely time!

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