sâmbătă, februarie 2

Peter Pan comes to you all the way from Neverland

Hello everyone!

I feel a total lack of inspiration today, writing inspiration. So i guess i will be very short. This is an easel-album that i made for a young boy full of imagination and courage. Who is also very smart and very often says interesting and funny things. And so his mother, noticing his tendency towards that, started writing down his sayings and now that she has a lot she thought she might insert them into a handmade album. We came up together with the theme of the album, she thought he will love it, and so i did this lovely album. I used the papers from one of Echo Parks's newest collections - Lost in Neverland. And this is it.
She is one of those mothers who realises that, in time, this album will be even more precious than it is now. And more so for him, i dare say. Because now he is only 7, but come 18 yo, he will be amazed and very touched by the idea and the gift. So here it is, hope you like it and maybe even try it. It's very easy - here's a tutorial if you want to ;).

And here's a short walk-through:

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