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Easter cards - from modern to vintage

Hello everyone!

It feels like it's been more than 2 weeks since my last post. Glad it's not.
On Wednesday we had another workshop at the Public County Library here in Craiova, and we made Easter cards, since it's Easter soon, right. So we had 4 participants of almost all ages, who chose to create 1 a vintage card and the rest created in modern style. 
It was very fun, nice and...rewarding. I guess this is how you know you love doing something: when you feel fulfilled/rewarded every single time you do it. And i do.
So, before i show you the pics, i will let you know that we will take a break of 2 weeks: 1 because of Easter and the next because of 1st of May. And so we will meet again on the 8th of May to create Easter album pages with pics taken during the Easter holiday.
And of course to wish you all a Happy Easter, filled with joy and harmony, warmth in your heart and love.
Fully creative process


All the finished cards

For more pics, watch this:

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