vineri, iunie 7

Their 1st album ever - II

On Wednesday we continued working on our first album ever - the updated flip album. Updated how? I mean how can one update a flip album? Isn't it perfect as it is? Of course it is. Only, over time, i felt the need to send it to my dear ones, in a standard envelope. And i did not think about it before i started creating it. Only when it was done. And it was too big, of course. But now, for the workshop, i remembered this and updated the size so the kids can send it to their dear ones if they want. And if until now i did help them - like i said here - this time i let them cut the papers by themselves - and here im talking about the young ones, no more than 7 yo, who don't yet have a steady hand or patience to cut papers  and stick them down straight. Not like a 10 yo, for example. The difference is visible. But this is why they come to the workshops and this is what they gain: precision, patience, stability etc. Among other abilities.
This time we had an extra guest, a member of the Library's staff, who is also into handmade. And she wanted to create an album for her grand-daughter. Also, one of the girls missed the workshop itself, but she came for the photo shooting, and you gotta love that.
So now im leaving you with them and i hope you enjoy:

And for this one you have to put the sound ON:

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