Monday, November 22

Tutorial easel-card

Hi everyone,
As i have recently promised, i will get back to you with the english version of the tutorial for the easel-card. This is a very cute card that has an inbuilt easel and it's also very easy to do.
This is what we need:
1. 2 sheets of cardstock of 15 x 30 cm (out of a 30 x 30 cm sheet)
2. 2 sheets of patterned paper of 15 x 30 cm (out of a 30 x 30 cm sheet)3. a paper-trimmer
4. adhesive
5. embellishments

Here are the steps:
1. Take one of the pieces of cardstock and score it at 15 cm and 21 cm. Prefold the paper on the scored lines, it will look like this from the side:
2. Cut the other cardstock sheet in 2 equal pieces and you will have 2 squares. One of them will be the easel, so you need to trim it down a bit, so it becomes 14 x 14 cm. For this we use the paper-trimmer.
Put adhesive on the base-card (and NOT on the easel), like this:
3. Actually your base card is ready, all you need to do now is to start decorating it. For the easel part we need some patterned paperand because this is already 14 x 14 cm, the patterned paper will need to be a bit smaller also, so trim it down to 13 x 13 cm. For the inside part of the card (15 x 15 cm) you need to trim the patterned paper down to 14 x 14 cm.
To make the easel card stand up by itself, add an embellishment or an extra layer (can pe a punch-out, some ribbon, some 3D adhesive and even a brad, like in this sample) to the inside of your card. This that will keep the card front from closing.
Hope you liked the technique and will find it useful for your Christmas cards ;). Have fun and happy scrapping ;)!


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