Monday, March 28

And finally the albums´ covers

Happy Monday, everyone! How are you? Started a good week i hope :).
Im back in the blogosphere to show you the albums´covers as i promised. And without further ado, here there are:
The front cover of album 1:
The middle of the heart is reserved for a photo of the happy couple, of course: 
Inside the front cover:
Inside the pocket 2 tags where they can write something or put some pictures:
The back cover; inside is a mini-album with some wedding-specific wishes:
The back cover, outside (it states who created the album ;)):
So that is all for album 1, for the bride´s parents.

Now album 2.
The front cover:
Inside the front cover:
Inside the pocket, another 2 tags where they can write or put pics: 
And finally the back cover:
And that was all. All i can tell is that it was a great pleasure to work on them, that they require a lot of time (3 hours for each front cover) and that it was all handmade, including the covers (i recuperated some materials, im a  green scrapbooker :P). I will probably make some small updated to it until i deliver it, if i feel its needed.
Now i get back to the kitchen, the soup is in the making and it needs me :P.
Have a lovely day all :)!

Wednesday, March 23

Album for the groom's parents :)

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday ;)!
How are you doing, hope all is fine with you from every point of view.
All good here also, we have had 2 days with just sun and i feel the spring is on our side now. Last night it's been cold and a small layer of frost is laying on the buildings's roofs. Right now i see the frost from the building in front of us melting down under the power of the sun. But let's get back to our "sheeps" and let me bring the latest news: i am totally done with the wedding albums, covers included. Today i will post here the pages from the groom's parents' album and i will start with the ones you have not seen yet:
Red Carpet:
Towards the future:
Always together:
And the ones you saw already: Just us:
At the palace:
The first day from the rest of our life:
Love like you only see in movies:
These days i will also post the covers. Until then, have a great time!

Monday, March 21

Dana's wedding scrapbooking album

Hello friends!

And Happy Monday :)! How was your weekend, anything special happened? Did you have nice weather, were much outdoors? 
I have been much outside on Saturday, it's been a very nice day, full of fun...and some scrap-goodies for my friend's scrap-album. I've also ordered some products that i have not found in the shop and i'm waiting for a small package these days, so i can finish the covers. Meanwhile, today i will show you the album for Dana's parents, and i will start with the pages you have not seen yet:
Towards the future:
Red Carpet:
Love like you only see in movies:
Just us:
At the palace:
The first day of the rest of our life:
You are my gift:
Actually there are 11 pages, but 3 of them are protected by the privacy right ;).
I hope you like them and until next time, when i will post the album dedicated to the groom's parents, i wish you a wonderful day and a great week :)!

Wednesday, March 2

More wedding LOs

Aha, so i said i'd get back, here i am. I worked pretty much already today and i took a break to take the pictures i told you about. So here are the latest 4 LOs i did on sunday. They are all for Dana's wedding albums (told you that she wanted me to make 2, 1 album for every pair of parents, so this is why you will see doubles ;)). 
With this first one im also taking part in the current Sketch Thursdays challenge:
The title means "At the palace":
The pictures are so wonderful and full of intricate and elegant details, that i thought i should not use to many embellishments. The pictures are taken in the Oltenia Art Museum from Craiova, Romania, and here are 2 pictures of it:
And here is the other LO i made, with the same pictures:
And these last 2 were meant to enter a challenge, but i forgot that february is shorter than the other months, so i forgot to submit them :)):

Hope you like them :).
Now i will go make something to eat, then maybe watch some movie with my beloved husband and then work again ;).
Have a wonderful afternoon and rest of the week :)!