luni, martie 28

And finally the albums´ covers

Happy Monday, everyone! How are you? Started a good week i hope :).
Im back in the blogosphere to show you the albums´covers as i promised. And without further ado, here there are:
The front cover of album 1:
The middle of the heart is reserved for a photo of the happy couple, of course: 
Inside the front cover:
Inside the pocket 2 tags where they can write something or put some pictures:
The back cover; inside is a mini-album with some wedding-specific wishes:
The back cover, outside (it states who created the album ;)):
So that is all for album 1, for the bride´s parents.

Now album 2.
The front cover:
Inside the front cover:
Inside the pocket, another 2 tags where they can write or put pics: 
And finally the back cover:
And that was all. All i can tell is that it was a great pleasure to work on them, that they require a lot of time (3 hours for each front cover) and that it was all handmade, including the covers (i recuperated some materials, im a  green scrapbooker :P). I will probably make some small updated to it until i deliver it, if i feel its needed.
Now i get back to the kitchen, the soup is in the making and it needs me :P.
Have a lovely day all :)!