Thursday, April 7

A scrapbook tote for my lovely niece

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday :)!
Hope you had a nice week and the weekend will be fantastic ;). Here it's been an interesting week but something very nice and long expected lies in front of us: a 3-weeks Easter vacation home in Romania. I can not wait!!! To take as many photos as possible and fill my lungs and soul with the fresh springy air and the blooming trees and flowers. Can not wait!!!
To celebrate this i felt i should create something sweet for my 7 years old niece, a very delicate girl who likes delicate things, of course ;). So i made this lovely tote, hope she will like it.
From the side, to better see how it looks ;):
And the other side:
Hope she will love it and that you will like it ;).
So everyone, i wish you a great time and take care!


  1. Ana Maria Patru08 April, 2011 09:58

    Neata Anja!
    Tare simpatica si dulce gentuta pentru nepotica ta, super idee. Pot sa te intreb cat masoara produsul finit? Si ce resurse ai folosit? Merci muullllt! Pup si weekend placut! Ah, si vacanta placuta!!!

  2. Sal Anja!
    Tare dulce gentuta, cred ca nepotica ta o sa fie bucuroasa foc! Mai ales daca-i pui niste oua de ciocolata inauntru :P. Bravo!!!
    Vacanta placuta si sa ne auzim cu bine!

  3. Neata Anja! Cred ca a mica o sa fie bucuroasa foc, imi place pana si mie la nebunie, dar unui copil! Super-idee! Pup si vacanta placuta!

  4. Hello girls!
    Va multumesc mult de tot pentru vizita si comentarii!
    Ana-Maria, crede-ma ca nu am ajuns sa masor, dar ochiometric nu e mai mare de 15 x 15 cm, iar ca grosime 5 cm sa zicem.
    Gina B, o umplu cu produse scrapbooking, ce poate intra bineinteles, restul la pachet ;).
    Va pup si va multumesc mult pentru urari!

  5. Proudmoms, thanks a lot for your visit and sweet comment! Take care :)!

  6. Hi there!
    Cute tote, i bet your niece will love it and will wear it all day long :). Have a great vacation!