luni, mai 16

Baby-boy album - page 1

Hello world and welcome to this new wonderful day :)!
Much has been done since my last post: until last Friday i translated a lot, Saturday a have been to a scrap-meeting and in 4 hours i only managed to create 1 LO (i was not very inspired that day). However, on Sunday i created 5 LOs - the muses have been very generous with me :). Anyway, today i will start showing you the album, page by page. The album contains 10 pages plus 2 covers, that will also be made by me. Also, the baby decided to play a bit of "hide&seek" with you and hide his sweet face. Which is a pitty, because in some pictures he is really funny, but we shall regard the album only from the scrapbooking point of view :). I have not put the titles yet, so i will get back when the titles will be added. Hopefully for the next pages i will have the titles by the moment i will post them. So here is the first page, where there is nothing to hide ;):

This is a gift that my sister will make to some friends who's baby has just been baptised on Saturday. And it will be a total surprise for them, because all has been prepared in secret. I hope with all my heart that they will like it, can't wait for her and their feedback :).
Ok everyone, until next time i will be here, which is soon, i wish you all the best!!! Enjoy this spring-summer and take a lot of pictures, you will discover their importance later (if not now) ;).