Monday, May 16

Baby-boy album - page 1

Hello world and welcome to this new wonderful day :)!
Much has been done since my last post: until last Friday i translated a lot, Saturday a have been to a scrap-meeting and in 4 hours i only managed to create 1 LO (i was not very inspired that day). However, on Sunday i created 5 LOs - the muses have been very generous with me :). Anyway, today i will start showing you the album, page by page. The album contains 10 pages plus 2 covers, that will also be made by me. Also, the baby decided to play a bit of "hide&seek" with you and hide his sweet face. Which is a pitty, because in some pictures he is really funny, but we shall regard the album only from the scrapbooking point of view :). I have not put the titles yet, so i will get back when the titles will be added. Hopefully for the next pages i will have the titles by the moment i will post them. So here is the first page, where there is nothing to hide ;):

This is a gift that my sister will make to some friends who's baby has just been baptised on Saturday. And it will be a total surprise for them, because all has been prepared in secret. I hope with all my heart that they will like it, can't wait for her and their feedback :).
Ok everyone, until next time i will be here, which is soon, i wish you all the best!!! Enjoy this spring-summer and take a lot of pictures, you will discover their importance later (if not now) ;).


  1. Oh, oh, oh!!! Look at him, ce talpita mica are, Doamne! Adorabila pagina, Anja! Atat de simpla si de dulce. Sunt curioasa ce titlu o sa ii dai. Abia astept sa vad urmatoarele pagini!
    Spor la treaba si pupiici1

  2. Ana Maria Patru16 May, 2011 13:41

    Dulce foc pagina, Anja! Caruciorul ala e mortal - pare simpla insa e mult de munca, cred. E mic albumul, nu? Ce dimensiuni are?
    Spor maxim!

  3. Tare scumpa pagina asta, imi place si mie la nebunie! Multa munca dar rezultatul e pe masura!
    Mult spor pe mai departe! Sunt curioasa de urmatoarele pagini.

  4. Buna, fetele!
    Ma bucur sa va "revad" si faptul ca va place prima paginuca din album.
    Ana-Maria, dimensiuniunile albumulului sunt 20 x 20 cm, cu o coperta putin mai mare, de 21,5 x 21,5 cm. O sa fie legat cu inele. Si momentan cam atat pot sa iti spun. De titlu si eu sunt curioasa.
    Va imbratisez si va multumesc pentru vizita si comentarii!!!

  5. Hi there!
    Lovely page, it could not be otherwise when it´s a baby involved.
    Looking forward to the next ones.