Wednesday, June 29

Picking cherries / LA CIREŞE ♥

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday!
Im back again, with a LO for this challenge. Could not miss it ;). 
This page is made for the romanian side of my family, does not have any title because is 100% self-understood (anyone in Romania who would see this page would think about the same thing, believe it or not :)). The title would have been "LA CIREŞE", which is also the title of a famous romanian novel ;).
All the products i used for this LO you can buy from here, at very low prices right now (25% rebate):
So the journaling reads out like this "My father, Magnus and me picking cherries. My father is the farmer and we are the ones who enjoy the prodcuts. He derives pleasure from seeing us eating the products. I always wonder how he can take care - almost by himself - of the whole farm. I wish i had his energy :)". So here we are:
...the journaling up:
...the embellies:
...and the sketch:
Hope you liked it and that it put you in the mood for scrapbooking this kind of memories...
Until next time im here, i wish you all a lovely day and week!

Tuesday, June 28

Once upon

...or rather travel - that im almost always in the mood for :P.
Happy Tuesday everyone, how are you, all good and fine i hope :)!
Here the weather is lovely and im done with the translation work for now. Like i said in the previous post, i scrapbooked some these days and now it's the time i show you one more page that i will submit for this challenge and this one also. I recycled a lot at this LO. All those pieces of paper from under the pictures are recycled. Including those ones with the journaling. They were laying in a tray and i was wondering if i will have to throw them away in the end, which i don't like at all. But hey, the occasion to use them was just around the corner :). 
I like this blog because they focus on journaling, which I think is very important for the next generations to know what those pages are about. 
So here i am playing some badminton in Innsbruck, 5 years ago:
...some details:

...and the sketch, which i thought was great and very fun to work with:
Hope you like it and that puts you too in the mood to scrapbook some of your travelling memories and, why not, to recycle some ;).
Until next time, i hope you all have a great time!

Sunday, June 26

Hello, Beach Babe!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you are all fine and merry, full of inspiration or in a creativity mood ;). Well, i know i am. Since Friday until today i made 4 LOs, so...i will show you one of them today. It's for Get Picky - a challenge blog where the condition is to use at least 2-3 photos on your LOs. Everything i used in this LO you can find here, at very good prices too ;). So, as i was saying some days ago, now i have so many photos that i have a hard time making a choice :D. Anyway, i managed to pick some summery photos of my niece (again ;)) and here she is when she was 9 months old and first time by the sea ♥:
...and some close ups:
 ...the glittery part of the LO (title and the patterned background paper):
...and the sketch:
It's my first time with Get Picky and, within my time and photo "allowances", i hope i will make it a habit ;). Hope you liked it and get inspired, maybe ;).
Have a nice rest of the weekend and a cool week!

Wednesday, June 22

She´s our tutti-fruitty girl ♥!!!

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday to you :)!
Hope you all have a nice day and week and enjoy every single second of the day. ´Cause i do and it feels perfect!
So, what i´ve been doing lately... i translated a lot, visited some dear friends that we have not seen in a year (and they only live 25km away), had a very calm weekend and...received home llllllots of pictures. I won this prize at a photo competition on the swedish scrapbooking forum, about my city and got the vouchers. So i had to print photos for 30 euros - and that´s a lot. So many that they had to split the order. My great joy is that now i really have many photos to chose from when i want to scrapbook ;). So, because i did not want to miss the opportunity to scrapbook today also, even though it´s on the last 100 m, i created this LO, especially because i thought that these pictures are perfect for this sketch. Here is my take on the ST challenge. It´s for and about my sweet niece - my sister´s daughter. I think she was 5 years old here. She likes cherries, as you can see ;). Well, she loves every fruit actually (unfortunately, she is fructose intolerant, so now it´s really seldom that she can eat these :(). All the products i used you can buy from here - at really low prices right now  - 25% rebate on almost all the goodies;)!!!
Here she is:
...the embellies:
...the glittery title (she lllloves glitter and pink):
...the sketch:
...and here is the prized picture :):
Hope you liked my take on the sketch and that it will inspire you, sometime.
Until next time, i wish you all well!

Friday, June 17

LIFE = SUMMER (in Sweden) ;)

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!
Hope you are all fine and enjoying a nice weather. We have had some rain and storm here and seems to continue. But this did not stop anyone from scrapbooking, on the contrary in fact :P.
I won't be long today either, i just want to show you a sweet summery LO i made some weeks ago for this challenge. It's my first time with BITW. I discovered their blog pretty recently and what i like the most about them is that they focus on journaling (you have to use at least 2-3 lines of journaling in your LO). So i decided to take my chance on this first sketch. In this LO i used pictures taken at our friends' place and therefore their kids' faces will be...hearted, hope you don't mind ;). 
In this LO i mostly used embellies from the DCWV CITRUS collection:
And some details:

...the embellies:
...and the sketch:
I loved the sketch, the pictures and i loved working on this LO. Hope our friends will like it too :).
Now i leave you and hope you will have a wonderful weekend! See you!

Wednesday, June 15

The perfect couple!

Hello everyone!
I can't believe i let this on the last minute. I had so much to do lately that i really did not find the physical time to publish it. However, i think and hope that i will be in time. These is a LO about my grandparents from my mother's side. I was fortunate enough to spend some years of my life with both of them. And of what i know from my mother, they really were a perfect couple. The pictures with each of them are taken before even met/got married. I do not have to many pictures with them, but i thought these 3 were perfect for this challenge. I will submit it to the actual challenge from Sketchy Thursdays. Here are the pictures:
And some close-ups:

...and the sketch:
Now i must go again. Lot's to translate. Until next time, see you soon guys!

Tuesday, June 14

Stop and smell the roses

Hello there!
How are you, dear friends? All god i hope.
Today i want to show you the LO i created for the current challenge back at Lasting Memories. There was no given sketch, however the challenge consisted in creating your OWN background using punches. These photos were taken in April/May 2011, in my father´s garden, remember his Paradise ;)? So let´s see what i came up with:
And some close-ups:
The journaling reads out like this "My life´s philosophy is to enjoy the journey. While we are thinking about the end goal, we miss so much; the real life´s secret is to enjoy the small things, they are many and can make us happy if we are open" :). Sounds a bit too philosophical, huh :D? However, i think you know how perfect it feels to stop and smell the flowers and to "dive in" with all your soul ;). 
I hope you like it and until next time i wish you all the best, enjoy the...journey and take the time to smell the roses ;)!

Friday, June 10

A new retro/vintage LO

Hello everyone!
Just a short post today to show you my LO for the actual challenge at Svensk Scrapbooking. As soon as i saw the sketch i felt like making a retro/vintage page - it's long time since i made the last one and i miss it ;).
In the picture is an aunt of mine from my father's side - she is 92 years old now and since i know her she has always been a role model for me. She is and has always been a fantastic woman with a long history and future :). She gave me this picture some years ago and it's the only one i ever had of her. I intend to give this page to her and hope with all my heart that she will like it. I put all my heart in creating it and hope this is visible :):
The title is FERICIRE, it's in romanian and it means HAPPINESS :)
Some close-ups:

And the sketch, which originally was like this
 ...but i felt like rotating it and this is how i used it ;):
Hope you also like it and maybe it will be useful as inspiration sometime :).
I wish you all a lovely weekend and see you....later ;)!

Friday, June 3

Sweet memories from my childhood

Hello everyone!
Amazingly enough, im back! Yesterday i was waiting for ST to post their new challenge so i can create some, i was in the mood. You can see im addicted since i was WAITING for them to post it :)))!!! Anyway, as soon as i saw it, i printed it and started to look through my photos. I did not find anything "suitable" to my mood, so i went through the older pics. And found 2 actually, but in the end i chose the one below.
It made me feel so good to scrap this photo, brought back so many happy memories and made me realise once again what a happy childhood i had :). In this picture it was my birthday, i think i was 9 years old then and those were some of the guests at my party (i was the one in the middle). I can tell you that i started to scrap around 8 pm and went to bed around 10, when i was done with the page and totally happy ;).
All the products are from the HAPPY SCRAPPY SHOP.
So here it is:
And some close-ups:

The journaling reads out like this "Childhood is that period in everyone´s life to which we all want to get back once we start getting old. But i have "news" for you guys: it´s enough to remain a child in our heart to feel truly blessed in our life" :). 
And here is the very inspiring sketch:
Hope you like it. Me, im in the mood to scrap more of my childhood now :).
Have a lovely weekend you all and see you soon...or rather later ;).