marți, iunie 28

Once upon

...or rather travel - that im almost always in the mood for :P.
Happy Tuesday everyone, how are you, all good and fine i hope :)!
Here the weather is lovely and im done with the translation work for now. Like i said in the previous post, i scrapbooked some these days and now it's the time i show you one more page that i will submit for this challenge and this one also. I recycled a lot at this LO. All those pieces of paper from under the pictures are recycled. Including those ones with the journaling. They were laying in a tray and i was wondering if i will have to throw them away in the end, which i don't like at all. But hey, the occasion to use them was just around the corner :). 
I like this blog because they focus on journaling, which I think is very important for the next generations to know what those pages are about. 
So here i am playing some badminton in Innsbruck, 5 years ago:
...some details:

...and the sketch, which i thought was great and very fun to work with:
Hope you like it and that puts you too in the mood to scrapbook some of your travelling memories and, why not, to recycle some ;).
Until next time, i hope you all have a great time!