miercuri, iunie 15

The perfect couple!

Hello everyone!
I can't believe i let this on the last minute. I had so much to do lately that i really did not find the physical time to publish it. However, i think and hope that i will be in time. These is a LO about my grandparents from my mother's side. I was fortunate enough to spend some years of my life with both of them. And of what i know from my mother, they really were a perfect couple. The pictures with each of them are taken before even met/got married. I do not have to many pictures with them, but i thought these 3 were perfect for this challenge. I will submit it to the actual challenge from Sketchy Thursdays. Here are the pictures:
And some close-ups:

...and the sketch:
Now i must go again. Lot's to translate. Until next time, see you soon guys!