Saturday, July 30

On our engagement day...

Hello everyone!
I know, it's long time since i posted here last and i present to you my apologies :)! It's been a period with much to do and even more to think about, so i took the time to think a bit. Things are still developing, so no decision taken yet, but soon we should know more and we HOPE (ooops - what a coincidence;)) that it will be good news.
Meanwhile, i want to show you the LO i made 3 weeks ago (pfoa, that's long time ago!!!) for this challenge. The pictures are taken on New Years Eve night between 2006 and 2007, when we got engaged (24.00 h). 
The background paper and the stickers for the journaling you can buy from HAPPY SCRAPPY at very low prices ;).
So here we are:
...the glittery background...
...the journaling
...the embellishments (love how the embossed butterfly turned out)...
...focus on us...
...and the sketch:
Now back to the house chores :P. Until next time i will be here (not sure when, though, but soon i hope), i hope you will have a gorgeous time and a lovely summer!

Wednesday, July 13

Vintage page about mamaie ;)

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday ;)!
Today just a quick post to show you the LO i made for this challenge. Is a page about Mamaie, my grandmother, the one who raised me since i was 5 years old. She was a very beautiful and strong woman, who got through the war alone and with 2 kids (my father and uncle). Her husband (my grandfather who unfortunately died before i was born) was in the war and disappeared for 1 year. When he came back it was something incredible to see him alive, you can imagine. Anyway, life was hard in those times and on her too, of course. However, what does not kill you makes you stronger. She died at 87 years old and, if it wasn't for the stroke she had, she would have lived easily to get 90 yo or even more. Now here is the page i made (i know she would be very glad to see that i created something about her):
...the upper part of the page:
...the central area with the journaling:
..."Mamaie" - that is how i was calling her, in romanian :):
and the sketch:
Hope you liked it and maybe it put you too in the mood to create something about your grandparents ;). Until next time i will join you again, stay safe everyone and have a great time ;)!

Sunday, July 10

Triple challenge ;)

Hi everyone and Happy Sunday!
What have you been doing this weekend, hope you had lovely weather wherever you are.
Have you seen that blogger changed their interface...i was a bit confused, im still not totally familiar with the new version, this is the first post with the new interface, and i hope it will turn out well :).
This is a so-to-say "triple" challenge because i will submit the LO to 3 challenges: with two of them is my first time: color and sketch. It's a summery page and hope you will like it. 
All the products i used here (except the stamp) you can buy from here, at really good prices ;). 
It's the first time when i combine color photos with a B&W photo and i have to say i like the result ;). This page is about our first vacation together, in Albena (Bulgaria) where it was really nice, full with hospitable people and extremely good food (cheap also :P) :):
...and for the usual close-ups, the embellished & title side of the page:
...the pictured side of the page: you can see the dimensional (3D) part of the page:
 ...and here are the embellies (i created myself the 2 paper flowers) in detail:
Now its time for the "sketches":

Now its time to publish this one on all 3 pages ;). Hope you liked it and until next time (quite soon) i wish you all a great time! Stay safe people :)!

Thursday, July 7

Beauty to admire :)

Flowers!!! Does not everyone love them? Aren't they a supreme symbol of perfection? All those layers of petals, all those incredible colors, their smell - they all form something so perfect and beautiful :). And what else can we do but admire them?  In this LO i used some pictures took 5 years ago, during my trip to Amsterdam. I know, you would normally think about tulips but its not them the star of these photos ;). 
90% of what i have used to create this LO you can buy from here, at excellent prices right now ;).
I will submit this LO to this challenge and now let's see what i'm talking about:
...and some close-ups:
...the journaling ("I will always take the time 2 ADMIRE the flowers. I always loved flowers, they express so well the nature's perfection, that can not be otherwise created. Flowers and music make our lives so beautiful."):
...and the sketch:
I have made this LO for 2 weeks i think, but i better publish it now, 'cause if i wait any longer im afraid i will forget to publish it in due time :)).
I hope you liked it and maybe it put you too in the mood to admire some perfection ;).
Until next time i will blog you, stay safe ;)!

Sunday, July 3

Sandcakes anyone ;)?

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you are all fine and enjoy your weekend! Here we had a carnival here, since Friday, and even though i took photos i will not post them because i had a bad position and it's very hard to see something noticeable. However, i will show you pics with a hedgehog that i saw some days ago (i love hedgehogs, they are so sweet, despite their spikes ;)!!!) - i never saw one before and i was so happy because he was so close and i could take good photos. Look at the end of the post ;). 
But first i will show you the page that i created for this challenge. The title and journaling are in romanian, because i intend to give this page to my niece, for her to have it, hopefully she will look at it over the years and smile at what she was doing when she was a sweet little girl :). I for one can't help smiling when i see her grandparents enjoying her sandcakes and what a serious little face she had when she was "baking" them ;).
90% of the products i used to create this LO you can buy from here, at great prices right now (only open in Sweden);).
Sandcakes anyone? It's on me ;): 
First page:
Second page:
...the title, some of the embellies & journaling ("May 2006: You were "baking" the sandcakes and we were enjoying them. You had many guests at the table and much to do. The guests were delighted and could not get enough, they kept asking for more sandcakes and you hardly had the time to breath. But it worth it ;)"):
Here is the sketch:
Hope she will smile at it :). 
And now some more pictures from my city. The sweet hedgehog (he was hot and was looking for a cool refuge):

 And some view over the lake, at 10.30 in the evening :D:

Hope you enjoyed these as much as i did :).
Until next time i will blog you, i hope you have a cool week! Stay safe ;)!