duminică, iulie 3

Sandcakes anyone ;)?

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you are all fine and enjoy your weekend! Here we had a carnival here, since Friday, and even though i took photos i will not post them because i had a bad position and it's very hard to see something noticeable. However, i will show you pics with a hedgehog that i saw some days ago (i love hedgehogs, they are so sweet, despite their spikes ;)!!!) - i never saw one before and i was so happy because he was so close and i could take good photos. Look at the end of the post ;). 
But first i will show you the page that i created for this challenge. The title and journaling are in romanian, because i intend to give this page to my niece, for her to have it, hopefully she will look at it over the years and smile at what she was doing when she was a sweet little girl :). I for one can't help smiling when i see her grandparents enjoying her sandcakes and what a serious little face she had when she was "baking" them ;).
90% of the products i used to create this LO you can buy from here, at great prices right now (only open in Sweden);).
Sandcakes anyone? It's on me ;): 
First page:
Second page:
...the title, some of the embellies & journaling ("May 2006: You were "baking" the sandcakes and we were enjoying them. You had many guests at the table and much to do. The guests were delighted and could not get enough, they kept asking for more sandcakes and you hardly had the time to breath. But it worth it ;)"):
Here is the sketch:
Hope she will smile at it :). 
And now some more pictures from my city. The sweet hedgehog (he was hot and was looking for a cool refuge):

 And some view over the lake, at 10.30 in the evening :D:

Hope you enjoyed these as much as i did :).
Until next time i will blog you, i hope you have a cool week! Stay safe ;)!