miercuri, iulie 13

Vintage page about mamaie ;)

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday ;)!
Today just a quick post to show you the LO i made for this challenge. Is a page about Mamaie, my grandmother, the one who raised me since i was 5 years old. She was a very beautiful and strong woman, who got through the war alone and with 2 kids (my father and uncle). Her husband (my grandfather who unfortunately died before i was born) was in the war and disappeared for 1 year. When he came back it was something incredible to see him alive, you can imagine. Anyway, life was hard in those times and on her too, of course. However, what does not kill you makes you stronger. She died at 87 years old and, if it wasn't for the stroke she had, she would have lived easily to get 90 yo or even more. Now here is the page i made (i know she would be very glad to see that i created something about her):
...the upper part of the page:
...the central area with the journaling:
..."Mamaie" - that is how i was calling her, in romanian :):
and the sketch:
Hope you liked it and maybe it put you too in the mood to create something about your grandparents ;). Until next time i will join you again, stay safe everyone and have a great time ;)!