Monday, August 29

My prize just arrived ♥!!!

Ah, im so excited, my prize has arrived this morning! I did not expect it this soon, even though i was very impatient :)! So, to share my joy with you, i will post 2 pics of the products, like i promised:
..on the other side, for those of you who don't know how spellbinders look like:
It's my 1st set of nestabilities and im so excited about it, oh ♥ !!! Now i need to buy an embossing mat, to be able to emboss and stencil with them in the Cuttlebug. Meanwhile, i can just cut with them.
I will get back to you when i will create something based on them :). 
Until then, i wish you all the best :) ♥ !!!

Wednesday, August 17

Kissing the prince of my dreams ♥

Hi everyone and thanks so much for all your messages and emails!
You made me feel so good, thanks a lot ♥!!!
Im back again after a 3 weeks break from scrapbooking. It was hard, i promise you. But it's so good to be back!!! I won't be long and i will just show you what i did: a sweet and slightly humoristic page, i would say.
All the materials i used (except the stamps and inks) are from Happy Scrappy, at very law prices for almost EVERY PRODUCT in the shop. 
Kissing the prince of my DREAMS? Yes!!!
Focus on the central area & embellies:
Focus on the heat embossed butterflies:
I love when fairytales come true ♥! Ours began in May 2006
Hope you like it :). These pictures were taken in Innsbruck, at the Botanical Garden, in April 2006. And just 1 month later i met the prince of my dreams ♥. Can it be a consequence of the fact that i "kissed" that frog :P?

I will submit this LO to the following challenges:

Until next time i will be here again, i hope you will enjoy these summer days, before autumn installs itself :). All the best to all of you :)!

Tuesday, August 9

Memorabilia from my family

Hello everyone and welcome back!
I don't even know how long it's been since the last time i posted something. Today im back with something totally different than my usual subject :P. Yesterday it's been a grey and stormy day and i was in the mood to do something...different. So, based on the fact that some nights ago, before falling asleep, i was thinking that i should sometime scan the old pictures that i have before i start scrapping them, this idea hit me and so it all started :). 
And i can't tell you how nice it felt. It's charming to read on the back of those photos and see who they are and try to guess from what part of your family they come and admire the elegance and style of those times. I love that period, as many of you do. So this is why i decided to share my joy with you and i hope you will enjoy. Here are some of my relatives.
When i look at her the first thing i see is her dancing charleston or foxtrot in one of those times' restaurants - absolutely charming:
A relative, pilot in the Romanian army:
Some family friends:
My father's father (looking at the photographer) together with a friend:
My great grandfather from my mother's side:
My mother's father (no. 23):
My mother's father again, before getting married:
His future wife, already married here :):
...and in the end a postcard from 1906:

I appreciate this hobby of mine more and more now, because it makes me realise how important these pictures are and how important it is to keep such memories and to take as many photos as possible during our lives (and to document them). I love scrapbooking!!!