Tuesday, August 9

Memorabilia from my family

Hello everyone and welcome back!
I don't even know how long it's been since the last time i posted something. Today im back with something totally different than my usual subject :P. Yesterday it's been a grey and stormy day and i was in the mood to do something...different. So, based on the fact that some nights ago, before falling asleep, i was thinking that i should sometime scan the old pictures that i have before i start scrapping them, this idea hit me and so it all started :). 
And i can't tell you how nice it felt. It's charming to read on the back of those photos and see who they are and try to guess from what part of your family they come and admire the elegance and style of those times. I love that period, as many of you do. So this is why i decided to share my joy with you and i hope you will enjoy. Here are some of my relatives.
When i look at her the first thing i see is her dancing charleston or foxtrot in one of those times' restaurants - absolutely charming:
A relative, pilot in the Romanian army:
Some family friends:
My father's father (looking at the photographer) together with a friend:
My great grandfather from my mother's side:
My mother's father (no. 23):
My mother's father again, before getting married:
His future wife, already married here :):
...and in the end a postcard from 1906:

I appreciate this hobby of mine more and more now, because it makes me realise how important these pictures are and how important it is to keep such memories and to take as many photos as possible during our lives (and to document them). I love scrapbooking!!!


  1. Sal Anja!
    Mama, dar ce mostenire ai, de admirat! Felicitari!
    Deci am stat ore pe pagina asta...cufundata in vintage :)! Superb, ce sa mai zic!

  2. I love vintage stuff too! Hope you make a nice mini-album with all of these :)

  3. Hello Helen!
    Thanks for stopping by :)! Vintage conquers many of us, it seems :). I also hope i will make something to be happy with and proud of in the end :)!

  4. Ana Maria Patru10 August, 2011 16:54

    Oh, ce minunatie de poze, sa te tot uiti la ele si sa asculti muzica din perioada aia, pe patefon! O adevarata comoara, Anja! Felicitari ca le pastrezi, ca le scanezi pentru generatiile urmatoare, ca vrei sa faci un album scrap cu ele. Sunt tare nerabdatoare! Mult succes si inspiratie!

  5. Buna Anja!
    Te felicit pentru efortul tau de a-ti mentine cunoscute si "vii" radacinile. E mare lucru! Si eu sunt curioasa ce o sa creezi cu pozele :). Mult spor!

  6. Hi Anja!
    Long time no see, welcome back to us :)! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos, i love every one of them. You should be proud to have so many pics of your "roots". I admire your initiative of scanning them and keeping them for the generations to come. What's in plan: a vintage family album :)? Good luck!

  7. Buna fetele!
    Scuze pentru intarziere si multumesc frumos pentru vizita si comentariile voastre!!! Ma bucur ca va plac pozele si ca sustineti ideea mea :). Multumesc pentru cuvintele frumoase si va urez si eu voua o vara frumoasa si plina de inspiratie si tot ce va doriti!

  8. Hi Irina G.
    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment! Im glad to see we think similarly. Have a lovely summer day!