Friday, October 7

Halloween door sign :P

Hello everyone and Happy Fridayyyyy!!! 
The weekend is here and we are all in such a good mood just because of this ;). Let me put you in an even better - and hopefully creative - mood with a spooky door sign i made for our friend Klasse, who loves his skulls :P. 
I promised i would post it and, considering that Halloween is soon here, i thought you might need a bit of an "inspiration boost" :P. 
Hope you like it at least as much as he did. We have one too, of course, but not spooky, and he said his doorsign is much nicer than ours :)))). I loved to hear that, believe me. Here it is:
 ...and here is ours, which is one of my first creations :):
That was is, now i let you enjoy your last working hours for today and prepare for the weekend. I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you'll do :). 
See yaaa!


  1. Wow, cat de misto! Total masculin, super grungy si scarry!!! Imi place la nebunie, e perfect!!!

  2. Ana Maria Patru08 October, 2011 14:02

    Ce semn misto si ce gest frumos e sa creezi ceva pentru prieteni, ceva ce stii ca isi doresc/le place.

  3. un gest foarte frumos!

  4. Cum spunea si Rebecca, un gest foarte frumos! A avea prieteni pentru care iti e drag sa faci ceva bun si frumos e o binecuvantare in viata :).Ei trebuie pastrati!

  5. Dragele mele,
    Va multumesc mult pentru mesaje si comentarii, imi incalzesc inima si imi fac fiecare zi mai frumoasa :)!
    Rebecca, bine ai venit pe blog si multumesc frumos pentru comentariu :). Esti binevenita oricand aici :).
    Intr-adevar, dragele mele, e o binecuvantare sa ai prieteni pentru care sa-ti fie drag sa creezi, e mare-mare lucru in viata si de asemenea prieteni trebuie sa tinem cu dintii ;)!!!
    Sa aveti un weekend frumos ca voi :)!

  6. Hi Anja!
    Very cool doorsign, would like one too, i love grungy and scary stuff. Nice gesture ;).